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Yee But it's The Original Edition VS The BFDI Edition
by BFDI Get's YEE'd

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Youtube Thumbnail Yee
by revergo
0:10 - 70,952,221 views

Dinosauri bisesti dalle voci funeste. Original title: "I dinosauri antropomorfi hanno il sangue nel ritmo" (literally "The anthropomorphic dinosaurs have blood in their rhythm"), as opposite to http://youtu.be/e6MLjaKhp5U
If you are that "wtf this is so funny i want to know shit"-type of person, here's some info/faq:
- original cartoon: https://youtu.be/brLqiYj5lQw
- original song: http://youtu.be/v_XJIsDJgXc?t=4m1s (at 4:01)
- original yee: https://youtu.be/hCKQP9IHHcA
- "is this a remix?" sort of. i arranged the dinos so that they would sing along with the music and that's it
- "why does the dino say yee?" in the original footage he was calling the other dinosaur by name ("Peek")
- "fuck everything! i went through the whole movie and there was no yee sound! i hate my life" dude, yee is only in the italian version of the movie, ciao ciao pizza ferrari
- "is the italian dub as atrocious as the english one?" you bet
- "why did you make this video?" i was trying to make a burrito out of your stupid questions and this happened
- "how did this become so popular?" illuminati
Youtube Thumbnail Yee (Meme) | BFDI Version
Yee (Meme) | BFDI Version
by [content deleted]
0:10 - 1,324 views

Battle for YEE'm Island

Reuploaded by Me from MeatBallMars's Reupload from Spaghetti Man Yay When He's Gone Forever
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