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8 Tylenols all at once 6

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Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow Pikachu Tylenol [REVIVED]
Rainbow Pikachu Tylenol [REVIVED]
by KaienSander10
2:5 - 66,101 views

This is a revived video and i didn't create this video!

The original creator was Chillarmy.
He deleted his channel but i was able to revive this video.

(Watch in 1080P 60FPS)
Youtube Thumbnail Billy Tylenol
Billy Tylenol
by Wizzardbr
1:52 - 264,422 views

My second ytpmv ever, and also my tribute to Billy Mays. Rest in Peace Billy Mays, we miss you :( Thanks to mssnor for inspiring me to make this with his amazing "Inglorious Tylenol" video.

The source quality isn't very good, I couldn't find a good quality version of the "big city slider" commercial :/
The video is not in 1080p this time because youtube was not accepting the file format that I usually use, so I had to upload in mp4 this time.
Youtube Thumbnail Fred Tylenol
Fred Tylenol
by ThatDingoLovinGuy
1:51 - 50,245 views

a tylenol video i decided not to upload

i think we all know why
Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow McTylenol
Rainbow McTylenol
by Azzy Fox
1:50 - 26,249 views

I've been itching to make a Japanese Ronald McDonald video. ;)

Music is "Rainbow Tylenol" by Kitsune^2.
Youtube Thumbnail Ultimate tylenol
Ultimate tylenol
2:2 - 5,678 views

Youtube Thumbnail Every Tylenol
Every Tylenol
by TVBRetro
1:55 - 64,294 views

This is basically every Rainbow Tylenol YTPMVs I can find. I was bored when I was collaborating these.

List of Tylenols:
0:00 Rainbow Trololo
0:04 Rainbow Saxenol
0:07 Hoopla Tylenol
0:12 Rainbow Dash Tylenol V2 (Not the crappy version)
0:15 Random Tylenol
0:22 Inglourious Tylenol
0:29 Pinkie Pielenol
0:32 Applejack Tylenol
0:36 Super Mario Tylenol
0:39 Mario Head Tylenol
0:44 Morshu Gets High on Tylenol
0:47 The Nasty Tylenol
0:51 Raritylenol
0:54 Old Spice Tylenol
0:59 Simon Says... Rainbow Tylenol
1:05 Rainbow Beavers
1:12 World's Smallest Tylenol
1:19 Rainbow Scatman
1:23 Nyan Catylenol
1:26 King of the Tylenol
1:33 Rainbow Billy Mays
1:41 Soldier Tylenol
1:51 My text
Youtube Thumbnail Spylenol
by GVBackUp
1:51 - 5,885 views

I think ShoopDaGUHHH level'd up after he made this video.

Uploaded for archival/backup purposes.
Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow Randomness
Rainbow Randomness
by The Atomic Fire
2:4 - 15,427 views

Rank06 Tailenol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A7UaGcEc28
Rainbow Scatman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI9zBT6ozW4
Granular Tylenol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgcph7OVQW4
Asdf tylenol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Odaa2y89oCc
Internet tylenol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx2QutQsa_Q
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