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Youtube Thumbnail Some Rising Storm Allied Death Sounds
Some Rising Storm Allied Death Sounds
by Jacquefisch
7:25 - 246,633 views

Like the title says, a few of the sad death Allied sounds from the Rising Storm expansion for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, set to a few sad soundtracks.

The Pacific - Honour for Oboe and Strings
The Pacific - Men At War
Letters from Iwo Jima - Main Theme
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail World War I Ambient Distant Artillery
World War I Ambient Distant Artillery
by The Darkrunner
14:14 - 122,566 views

Distant artillery on the western front, (On a quiet day)
Youtube Thumbnail Rain, Artillery & Gunfire - 1 hour version
Rain, Artillery & Gunfire - 1 hour version
by Raymond Saint
2:1 - 1,807,081 views

War never changes.
Check out the new ambience video with quieter gunshots and louder water sounds: https://youtube.com/watch?v=yMuRjn0ZV9s

Youtube Thumbnail Radio Recording From The Vietnam War - Recon Team Ambushed (1/3)
Radio Recording From The Vietnam War - Recon Team Ambushed (1/3)
by William
15:1 - 289,626 views

This is a recording of two Recon Teams (RT's) who are in dire straits. Both RT's are loosing a battle wherby death is immenient. Those RT's are: RT Colorado with Pat Mitchel being the 1-0, Lyn St. Laurent as the 1-1, and David "Lurch" Mixter as the 1-3. RT Colorado is an eight man team including the five Indigenous troops. The other was RT Hawaii with Les Dover as the 1-0, Regis Gmitter the 1-1, and John Justice the 1-2 (I believe this to be the case with this recon team as far as who was what on the team through natural progression of skills learned in combat.) May not be accurate though, reader and listener take note. Also, it is unknown to me how many Indigenous Troops made up RT Hawaii at that time. RT Colorado is the team that is running for its life. RT Hawaii is holding their own. Both RT's have called out a "Prairie Fire" in Laos near the Ho Chi Minh Trail and are approximately 10 miles apart as the crow flies. Colorado has just been hit by a North Vietnamese platoon of 40 men who desire no more than to wipe this team completely off the face of the Earth. During this Prairie Fire, David Mixter is killed when he saves Mitchel's life by shoving him to one side and exchanging fire with an NVA armed with an RPG. Mixter and the NVA exchange fire immediately. The NVA fires his RPG as Mixter fires his weapon. The RPG hits Mixter in the knee area and kills him instantly as the NVA drops dead by Mixter's return Fire. 1) Plasticman John Plaster's personal call sign while on a RT 2) White Lead Huey in charge of flying the rescue mission 3) Delta Papa Three John Plaster's call sign while flying as Covey Rider in Bronco 4) Tango Papa Pat Mitchels call sign as 1-0 5) Panthers AH-1G Cobras. Also known as "Cobra" 6) Kingbees H-34 Helicopters usually flown by Vietnamese pilots 7) Bravo Hotel Ben Het SF camp 8) Delta Tango FOB at Dak To 9) Foxtrot Mike FM radio frequency 10) Victor VHF radio frequency 11) Uniform UHF radio frequency 12) Straw Hat/Type Code name for American personel on a RT 13) Kilo November Known North. Position is "Kilo November" 14) Lurch David Mixter's personel call sign 15) Winchester Air assets that are out of ordnance.
Youtube Thumbnail Horrific battle sounds of World War II in Colour
Horrific battle sounds of World War II in Colour
by Petr Warry backup
4:12 - 1,135,791 views

very old video deleted by yt few times
coloured, sounds dubbed
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