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sparta pulse remix sixteenparsion
by christopher connelly

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Youtube Thumbnail Nelson HAHA! simpsons sparta pulse v3 remix
Nelson HAHA! simpsons sparta pulse v3 remix
by TMQ 10
3:1 - 95,844 views

base: jario
original owner : ats
just a few changes
Youtube Thumbnail (Spongebob) Everybody in Town! [Sparta Pulse V2 Remix]
(Spongebob) Everybody in Town! [Sparta Pulse V2 Remix]
by Spartan Dash
3:9 - 118,218 views

Before everybody starts freaking out over the pitch it is NOT FAKE! i used granular synthesis ok! thats kinda cheating but WATEVA!
Source by: Viacom
Base by: Jario
Original idea by: XlethYireh
Youtube Thumbnail [1500+ Subs] Rarity -
[1500+ Subs] Rarity - "What did you do?!" [Sparta Pulse V2 Mix]
by Jario
3:9 - 66,544 views

Wow, over 1.5K subscribers! This is awesome!
Anyways, here's another MLP remix where Rarity shouts something...

Video - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Season 2, Episode 5: "Sisterhooves Social"
Base is by me (SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jario943/sparta-pulse-base-v2)

Fun Fact: This is my favorite episode of Season 2!
Youtube Thumbnail (Christmas Special) Windows 98 - Sparta Pulse V4 Remix
(Christmas Special) Windows 98 - Sparta Pulse V4 Remix
by SpartaRemixerPL
3:9 - 53,418 views

Merry Christmas Everyone! :)
Inspired by SonyFive
Base by Jario
Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow Dash:I am the Ironpony Has a Sparta Pulse V4 Remix
Rainbow Dash:I am the Ironpony Has a Sparta Pulse V4 Remix
by TehHungarianSpartan XD
3:4 - 46,275 views

Happy Birthday Cyberdeath,TehJamaicanSpartan (again),Teh Pekos (early),Ookami Mrsirkillzalot,SterGame,Luigifan641,MrRiyku,~ Danny and Firefox5013 (very early). :)
Enjoy this video and subscribe the my channel.
Source:My Little Pony S01E13
Thx Teh36thSpartan helped the pulse pitch.
Youtube Thumbnail (Cyborg) Little Buddy Showdown! [Sparta Pulse V4 Remix]
(Cyborg) Little Buddy Showdown! [Sparta Pulse V4 Remix]
by Spartan Dash
3:9 - 197,642 views

i had to use this quote lol
Source by: Warner Bros
Base by: Jario
also new thumbnails! yay!
Youtube Thumbnail [Replouad] Luigi:Marioooo [Sparta Pulse v5 Remix]
[Replouad] Luigi:Marioooo [Sparta Pulse v5 Remix]
by RomazSparta Replouaded and Sparta Remixes
2:58 - 21,585 views

Este video fue eliminado por SuperGion915 por ya que fue muy
malo el video y el pitch no estuvo bien pero me gusto a si que le hize
un replouad espero que les guste
Source by SMG4 : SMG4: Castle Creppers
Base by : Jario
Sparta Pulse v5 Remix
Youtube Thumbnail Sparta Pulse Remix
Sparta Pulse Remix
by Marchelo
3:19 - 92,209 views

(Reupload) Haha!
(Spongebob) Everybody in Town!
[100 SUBS!] Large Hadron Collider!
[1500+ SUBS] Rarity - 'What Did You Do!'
[Clarence] Jeff
[I.I. 2] Balloon - 'Oh, Come On!'
{Fazbear & Friends} 'Oh Bon!'
'Best Idea Ever!'
Rainbow Dash-I am the Ironpony
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