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Mission is a go in 2017
by Vlad Dinica

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Youtube Thumbnail Starwars Cartoon-10th man down
Starwars Cartoon-10th man down
by Allen Todd
5:25 - 493,555 views

this is a tribute to the first season of Cartoon Networks Starwars.

I do not own the video or audio content. This is Fan created.
Youtube Thumbnail Can't Fight the Moonlight
Can't Fight the Moonlight
by Ariel
3:47 - 294,573 views

I DID NOT MAKE THIS! I liked this video so i thought I'd share it with you people... Yeah... I have no idea what the song is... But I like it... It goes together really well I think yeah... It contains various clips from Sailor Moon Stars (so if you don't want it spoiled or you don't want to be confused don't watch it) Just to let you know!
Youtube Thumbnail Frontline - Clones
Frontline - Clones
by JadeRaven93
3:38 - 635,642 views

Song: Frontline by Pillar
Movie: Star Wars - Clone Army (Troopers, Commandos, ARCs...)

This would be my fourth vid/slideshow, and probably my favorite so far. I used my favorite song, which is by my favorite band, and features my 3 million favorite characters from Star Wars; the Clone Army. In this one, there are about 115 pictures, a mix of fan art, official artwork, comics, and screen shots from games and movies. And in the credits, I used the Mando'a song Ka'rta Tor, composed by Jesse Harlin from the RepCom soundtrack.

I've actually had the idea to use this song for a clones fan vid for over a year now, so I had a lot of fun working on this one, and I hope that everyone enjoys it!

Here's a list of the artists and fan artists, in alphabetical order, I used pictures from. If I forgot your name, or spelled it wrong, let me know and I'll fix it :)

Robert Hendrickson, Tom Hodges, Greg Knight, Chris Trevas
-Fan Artists:
2ngaw - 2ngaw.deviantart.com,
Amy - clonecommandos.net,
DestructiveDelirium - destructivedelirium.deviantart.com,
Evolvana - evolvana.deviantart.com,
famira - famira.deviantart.com,
goddesstears - goddesstears.deviantart.com,
Gorgona - gorgona.deviantart.com,
Graaf - graaf.deviantart.com,
GugaSenpai - gugasenpai.deviantart.com,
horrorific - horrorific.deviantart.com,
jaw500 - jaw500.deviantart.com,
Kuk_Man - kuk-man.deviantart.com,
KPtoons - kptoons.deviantart.com,
legsley - legsley.deviantart.com,
LHS - lhs.deviantart.com,
minmalistic - minmalistic.deviantart.com,
Mobilized - mobilized.deviantart.com, neoaristar - neoaristar.deviantart.com,
RCNokill - rcnokill.deviantart.com,
rumbles - rumbles.deviantart.com,
seymourfan - seymourfan.deviantart.com,
ShampooNeko - shampooneko.deviantart.com,
stanleehouston - stanleehouston.deviantart.com,
thecleber - thecleber.deviantart.com,
XJapanRoX - xjapanrox.deviantart.com
(The rest were found on CloneCommando.net, Google (as in the website would not open), and Star Wars Wikipedia (starwars.wikia.com))
Youtube Thumbnail Clones
by Known As Rico
4:20 - 550,635 views

Music video featuring Clones. The name of the song is.....Clones, performed by Ash.
Youtube Thumbnail Tokyo Mew Mew - Dragonfly
Tokyo Mew Mew - Dragonfly
by mewKisshu
3:39 - 730,185 views

This is my very first AMV!

♥♥ Thanks for all the sweet comments ♥♥
Youtube Thumbnail Naruto - It's Not Over
Naruto - It's Not Over
by Ducky13P
3:57 - 470,932 views

I made this a few minutes ago... i think it's okay. lol. But comment and rate please.
Youtube Thumbnail Tokyo Mew Mew - Wonderland
Tokyo Mew Mew - Wonderland
by Joele G
3:28 - 283,744 views

Song is called Wonderland by DJ Satomi.
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