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Annoying Goose - Madness Nightmare of Extreme
by CartoonFanatic2017 VGCP EDCP

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Youtube Thumbnail The Annoying Goose Strikes Again!
The Annoying Goose Strikes Again!
by Joe Vladimirovich Kurosawa
2: - 91,211 views

THIS was inspired by Magic-Mario (cartoonwoody).
Youtube Thumbnail nWave Pictures (1860-2029)
nWave Pictures (1860-2029)
by Nick Jones
0:13 - 17,099 views

List of nWave Pictures Films from 1860-2029.
Youtube Thumbnail Luigi Meets A Combine Soldier [SFM] (2016 Edition)
Luigi Meets A Combine Soldier [SFM] (2016 Edition)
by Mariotravel209
10:57 - 45,366 views

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/mariotravel209
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mariot209
DeviantArt: http://mariot209.deviantart.com

Luigi Meets A Combine Soldier is now available on Dailymotion! Click here to watch it! https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x55ik19

After 2 months of work, our well-beloved Luigi from the "Super Mario Bros." encounters our well-beloved Combine Soldier from "Half-Life 2"!

I didn't have time to put in the 20-second counter this time so I'm going to leave the WARNING here! :P

The following film contains mild language, excessive violence, and shaky cam. If you do not wish to see any of this, it is best that you must return to your previous page. Otherwise, stick around! ^_^


Sorry for the one-week delay, guys. A lot was going on with my life (got really sick), and I couldn't meet with the deadline. But now, I've finally got the film done and ready for you guys to enjoy! ^_^


"Luigi Meets A Combine Soldier" is a reboot of a Gmod collab entry that I've made back in 2013. (Luigipalooza Collab). Only problem was it never made it into the final collab :( But now, I've transformed a small collab entry into a big SFM action/comedy film!

The original collab entry and the two songs I've remixed for the film will be out in the public soon!

Enjoy the film, guys! :D


[[ Please forgive me for forgetting to add my patrons at the credits! :( ]]

-JonnySel Productions
Youtube Thumbnail Cinar logo (1985-1991, HD/HQ, Resample Disabled)
Cinar logo (1985-1991, HD/HQ, Resample Disabled)
by Imageny
0:11 - 38,732 views

Fair use only. This video was uploaded for educational purposes only, you can also feel free to use it. All CINAR stuff belongs to DHX Media.
Youtube Thumbnail Adam - (Aardman 1991)
Adam - (Aardman 1991)
by VHSfx
5:57 - 96,595 views

Youtube Thumbnail LBS Communications INC. Logo (1984)
LBS Communications INC. Logo (1984)
by JohnnyL80
0:4 - 111,387 views

1984 LBS Communications INC. Logo
Youtube Thumbnail Metroid Prime 3 Corruption: Part 123 (Vs. Dark Samus/Aurora Unit 313)
Metroid Prime 3 Corruption: Part 123 (Vs. Dark Samus/Aurora Unit 313)
by MetroidHunters
9:32 - 96,233 views

Welcome to Part 123 of my Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Walkthrough. I will be starting the majority of my videos from either the save point, or the starting of each main event.

--We are now entering the final chamber of Phaaze!
It's time to end this! We'll meet up with Dark Samus and finally be able to battle her to the finish.

There really isn't anything to explain about how to beat her, it's mainly about shooting her over and over again till she's dead! I always did love Dark Samus' theme music lol.

Once Dark Samus is defeated, she'll merge with the Aurora Unit! THIS is the final battle!

The AU cannot be directly damaged but instead needs to be stunned first. You see the tentacles that comes out from time to time? Well shooting that repeatedly will cause it to be stunned.

However if you manage to destroy the scanner machine that pops out really fast, that's an automatic stun.

The AU will also create Dark Samus echoes to aid it in battle. It's good to kill them since they leave anti-phazon orbs behind. The AU's attacks are pretty easy to dodge so mainly concentrate on damaging those tentacles or destroy that scanner if you can.

Once you take out all of its HP, the AU will detach from it's "neck" The AU head will float around and shoot lasers and also spin along the ground trying to ram into you. What's great about this part of the battle is that the base of the head is its weakpoint which is exposed at ALL times.

Just keep shooting the weakpoint till its dead!

Samus will be knocked aside and as Dark Samus explodes, Samus' phazon corruption will disappear.
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