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Sonic Forces in a nutshell
by Sable

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Youtube Thumbnail Sonic 2: Hold Right To Win Edition playthrough
Sonic 2: Hold Right To Win Edition playthrough
by variousthings
20:41 - 3,626 views

"Sonic games are boring; you just hold right and occasionally press jump!"

A single glance at the map for Sonic 3's Marble Garden Zone should be enough to put the lie to that particular assertion. (jman2050's video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtsEiUCuPDk does an amusing job of debunking it as well.) But this April Fool's Day Sonic 2 hack by Shade Vortex is one case when it's absolutely true!

My very first playthrough of this fan-hack. Played through using Gens Movie.


9:27 - I like this buggy shift in the Hill Top 2 parallax-scrolling background.
11:25 - Tails is stuck!
12:11 to 12:39 - Pushing Oil Ocean to its limits...
15:48 - Lava? Wait, what?
17:30 - Amusing text-based graphical screwups on the Sky Chase score screen!

In case you're wondering what was going on with me on Wing Fortress Zone: the deaths at the start were due to me experimenting to see if the running speeds/timing necessary to get from the biplane to the Fortress had been changed from the normal game. Then I wanted to see what had been done to change the fan shortcut (but obviously you can't jump up there). That's my excuse, anyway...
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Youtube Thumbnail 20 Minutes of BOUNCE PAD by Roger Craig Smith
20 Minutes of BOUNCE PAD by Roger Craig Smith
by Ruki185
19:58 - 14,006 views

BOUNCE PAD! Recorded during the charity stream from the official Sonic Twitch channel.
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