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The Christ individuels doing what they do best: Help the less fortunates.

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Youtube Thumbnail Carl Perkins w/ Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr - Matchbox - 9/9/1985 - Capitol Theatre (Official)
Carl Perkins w/ Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr - Matchbox - 9/9/1985 - Capitol Theatre (Official)
by Carl Perkins on MV
3:15 - 309,307 views

Carl Perkins - Matchbox
Recorded Live: 9/9/1985 - Capitol Theatre - Passaic, NJ
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Youtube Thumbnail
"He who saves the life of one man. . ." Schindler's List
by Tony Anthony
6:21 - 1,412,662 views


The film Schindler's List chronicled the heroic efforts of a German industrialist named Oskar Schindler. Through his unselfish activities, over a thousand Jews on the trains to Auschwitz were saved. After Schindler found out what was happening at Auschwitz, he began a systematic effort to save as many Jews as he could. For money, he could buy Jews to work in his factory which was supposed to be a part of the military machine of Germany. On one hand he was buying as many Jews as he could, and on the other hand he was deliberately sabotaging the ammunition produced in his factory. He entered the war as a financially wealthy industrialist; by the end of the war, he was basically financially bankrupt.

When the Germans surrendered, Schindler met with his workers and declared that at midnight they were all free to go. The most emotional scene of the film was when Schindler said good-bye to the financial manager of the plant, a Jew and his good and trusted friend. As he embraced his friend, Schindler sobbed and said, "I could have done more." He looked at his automobile and asked, "Why did I save this? I could have bought 10 Jews with this." Taking another small possession he cried, "This would have saved another one. Why didn't I do more?" (James Forlines, Men's Beat of Free Will Baptist Foreign Missions, April 1999, 4.)

One day Jesus is going to split the eastern sky and come for His own. It will not matter then how much money we have in a mutual fund or how many bedrooms we have in our homes. The temporary satisfaction we have in vacations and nice cars will be gone. Only what we have done for the cause of Christ will matter. The Privilege we have only now, is to use God's resources for things that eternally matter.
Youtube Thumbnail Saving Private Ryan - Omaha Beach Scene
Saving Private Ryan - Omaha Beach Scene
by waffleomg
8:55 - 3,438,794 views


I love this movie.
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