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Super Mario Bros Players Is Cheating
by szvince07

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Youtube Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. - 500 Point Run
Super Mario Bros. - 500 Point Run
by NotEntirelySure
8:58 - 4,755,422 views

Well, I did it. This is THE lowest possible score you can finish the game with (without continuing). And surprisingly, it didn't take very long at all. Sadly, it's not deathless, as I miss my first attempt at the 8-1 wall jump. Getting 500 points without dying would have been nice, but that jump is so brutally precise I'd rather not restart every time I missed it (though I would have to restart anyway if I accidentally picked up a coin).

How tough is that jump in 8-1? Well, the timing of the liftoff, the duration of holding the jump button, and the timing of the wall jump are all frame perfect. NES games run at 60 frames per second, which means all the necessary inputs need to be timed within 1/60 of a second. In addition, the starting position before running I used not only has to be on the right pixel, but also the x sub-pixel has to fall within a certain range (technical stuff blah blah blah). In short, it's a pretty annoying jump.

Amazingly enough, I managed to accomplish my objective after my first successful 8-1 wall jump in a run. I was extremely cautious for the remainder of the run, not risking jumping over any of the hammer bros. I also had a few panicky moments since I was fairly jittery, but luckily nothing that cost me the run. By the end I felt like my heart was going to explode.

The other couple tricks I used I explain in the 600 point video. I leave in the death to evidence my humanity, and to showcase how precise you need to be to pull off that wall jump. There is literally no room for error.

No save states or slowdown was used. I did however fast-forward at flagpoles for obvious reasons. (also, I didn't look at the RAM during the run to make sure the sub-pixel was within the right range)

That's all I care to say. Now... TO A MILLION!

Oh, one more thing! Thank you to all the new subscribers and viewers of my videos. I promise I have some other good stuff. :)
Youtube Thumbnail New Super Mario Bros Cheats Found 30 Years Later
New Super Mario Bros Cheats Found 30 Years Later
by DonMiau
5:38 - 4,137,704 views

The most fond of Games have discovered a new trick of endless lives almost 30 years after the departure of that title for Nintendo, the famous Super Mario Bros.
Youtube Thumbnail A Bored God Plays Super Mario Bros.
A Bored God Plays Super Mario Bros.
by James Freeman
5:35 - 2,903,303 views

Super Mario Bros. for NES speedrun. Total time: 5 minutes 34 seconds
Youtube Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. In First Person
Super Mario Bros. In First Person
by GaminGHD
8:33 - 2,673,988 views

Download Super Mario Bros. In First Person Game (PC WIN/OSX)

Music removed because i receive a Matched third-party content from Nintendo.

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Youtube Thumbnail Worst Super Mario Player Ever
Worst Super Mario Player Ever
by Bryan Singh
7:31 - 2,293,074 views

My score has been beaten - check out the annotations.

I have achieved the lowest score possible in Super Mario Bros. I beat the game with only 700 points (As a point of reference:1 mushroom = 1,000pts )

I am officially the worst Super Mario player in existence.

I am playing my favorite graphical hack for Super Mario Bros - None of the gameplay mechanics are hacked.
Youtube Thumbnail Super Mario 1-1 Glitch Run
Super Mario 1-1 Glitch Run
by Bryan Singh
1:18 - 36,006 views

A run through of level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. showing off the glitches that I know of
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