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u.n. owen was a her quadparison
by martindash

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Youtube Thumbnail [YTPMV-FNAF] UN owen was Springtrap
[YTPMV-FNAF] UN owen was Springtrap
by Franckyz
6:1 - 98,477 views

voilà en fait c'est moi qui joue


Youtube Thumbnail 【YTPMV】 U.N Owen was Internet
【YTPMV】 U.N Owen was Internet
by Pepepaul4
5:23 - 98,367 views

Thanks a lot for watching! This is my first YTPMV, I hope you'll enjoy it!
Here's the list of the memes and viral videos I used in the video (in order that they appear):
-Spiderman ass slap
-Tourette's guy
-Eh Marine
-Michael Rosen - hot food/Noice
-Konis hupen
-Gingers do have souls!
-Bold head slap
-Charlie bit my finger
-Baby panda sneezing
-My longest yeah boy ever
-kid purposefully knocks himself out on a doorway
-Afro ninja
-Kid being smacked by fly swatter
-It's over nine thousand
-Pretty much Everywhere, it's gonna be hot
-You on kazoo
-Kid on crack
-The screaming sheep
-We are number one
-Keyboard cat
-Birthday bash fail girl get knock out cold
-Hatsune Miku - Popipo
-Scott Bradford
-Grape lady falls
-Hitler Nein
-Duck army
-Slap chop
-MLG airhorn
-some MLG shits
-This guy moaned at list this loud
-Heaa kid
-Why are you crying
-Laughing baby
-David after dentist
-It is wednesday my dudes
-Best cry ever
-Choking on a spoon
-Gabe the dog
-Weirdest video you will ever see
-Hitler reacts
-Screaming marmot
-Supa Hot Fire
-Trololo/Russian Rickroll
-This is sparta!
-GTA - wasted

For the MLG part:
- Wombo Combo
-Theme of Sanic the hegehog
-Mom get the camera
-Oh baby a triple
-Get noscoped
-Racist KFC commercial
-Crazy frog bros
-MLG hit marker spam
-Beardedman dancing
-Blazing joint
-Sanic the hegehog
-Snoop Dogg - smoke weed everyday
-Jean Claude Van Damme green screen footage
-Logos of Mountain Dew, Doritos, MLG, Faze Clan
-Quickscope 420
-Wow guy
-It's fucking approved

I know that I forgot a loooooot of your favourites memes or viral videos, but it was already very hard to put all of these and there's still 51 viral videos and memes (and more than 80 with the MLG part and the thumbnail!) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

くまくま━━━━━━ヽ( ・(ェ)・ )ノ━━━━━━ !!!

Song: Flandre's Theme - U.N. Owen was her? FULL (from Touhou Koumakyou : The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil )
Made with only Sony Vegas Pro 13. It tooks me about 60h of work
Youtube Thumbnail U.N. Owen Was Cats (other cats included)
U.N. Owen Was Cats (other cats included)
by JonDaBrickFace
5:33 - 2,524 views

so i was watching the cat un owen videos and i thought they all sucked , because none of them were full. the original song is called U.N. Owen Was her?. but i disided to put 3 videos in 1 so i call this "U.N. Owen Was Cats". I hope you enjoy the video.
Youtube Thumbnail Ronald McDonald insanity
Ronald McDonald insanity
by mrhorseshoe
5:19 - 13,145,657 views

Another wacky Ronald McDonald clip from nicovideo. No words can describe this.

This is based off of a song called "U.N. Owen was her" Flandre Scarlet's theme from a game called Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil - AKA Touhou 6. It is a bullet hell series where you play as a heroine and try to get trough all 6 stages and then if you choose, to fight the Extra stage boss. In Touhou 6 Gensokyo (where they live) is shrouded by red mist by a vampire known as Remilia Scarlet and you have to go to her mansion to defeat her and stop the mist. (thanks killette2)

I DID NOT CREATE THIS AND IN NO WAY AM I PROFITING FROM THIS VIDEO. I posted this on YouTube for people that don't have NicoVideo access. Please stop sending me messages about this.

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