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ProtoProto 666 Proto

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Youtube Thumbnail Protegent Rap but whenever it says Proto, Security, or Motto, everything goes insane [CC]
Protegent Rap but whenever it says Proto, Security, or Motto, everything goes insane [CC]
by Whip
3:6 - 19,620 views

My channel was never the same after this video was uploaded. This one video started my meme renaissance.

Antivirus is not enough.
It's NEVER enough.

Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHWvkox9GnQ

2017 Colin W. K.
Youtube Thumbnail Protegent Rap but no words are sung more than once
Protegent Rap but no words are sung more than once
by Whip
3:7 - 79,224 views

That moment you forget to remove two repeated words and have to reupload the video all over again.
[Captions provided by McKraken and Madalyn Renick.]
Protegent Rap - Original upload forever lost
Instrumental Proto Rap - https://soundcloud.com/cmyth1/protegent-antivirus-rap-instrumental-remake

Lyrics For Your Enjoyment -
I am Proto,
Your security is my motto!

Install me on computer,
to protect data better!
With there no viruses,
could enter!
Malware! Spyware! Trojan!
All gone forever!
Filter junk mail,
monitoring Wi-Fi, never fail!


Keep encrypted,
virus updated!
Anti-phishing for safe browsing,
and pay secure e-shopping!
Acts silently,
so you can work efficiently

Enhanced performance

At office lot easier!
Facebook! Games!
Efficiency gets!
Ensure effective people planning!
Twenty percent lesser staff,
the company shining!

Preventing theft!

Prevent leakage,
securing, business, image!
Pen drive! E-mail!
Print without permission!
Stealing of!
Any tension!

saving from angry boss!
Recover deleted files!
Making it sure, that always smile!

Protecting laptop!
Track lost,
let non-stop!
Do remote encryption!

Bringing families closer!
Kids while they surf!
As know, parenting tough!
Like bring..
Internet surfing relaxing,

2017 Colin W. K.
Youtube Thumbnail protegent rap but Google Translate makes the lyrics better
protegent rap but Google Translate makes the lyrics better
by Talking Nonsense
3:4 - 366,238 views

this was a request, but I had already started making it when it was requested


I blessed, my wife is true
Stop the computer:
Protect your protection
I do not have bacteria there.
Computer input,
Focus! Marsh! Traya! ...
Everything is eternal
I'm ready to sell
Check Wi-Fi. Here

Several processes, system, system, system ...
My peace is my snow
Loading hidden data.
New forms of new vaccines are up to date.
Antiviral antioxidant
Buy online!
Mystery will be there
So I can do very well

Model: balls
The service is very convenient.
Particular attention is paid. There is no competition
Good performance
I'm sure I'm ready to be a strong person
Employees under 20 years of age ...
This company is not good

Several processes, system, system, system ...
Your hashtag is your hashtag
Limited information is limited
Commercial shopping photographs
Many books, non-emails,
The license is not allowed.
He's not a thief.
Foreign activity

Data protection is not my story.
I lost the information.
People are angry
I deleted the files ...
You always laugh

Several processes, system, system, system ...
My goal is to quit smoking.
I lost my Christmas notebook.
Do not stop your business
I ... a secured remote control,
It protects you.

Your family should follow standard procedures and adhere to the rules.
They protect children from reading.
I am your father's grave.
I would like to make my blog.
By making the internet a good player,
All the bad things

I will show my transgression my law, I will be a perfect example.
Youtube Thumbnail Protegent Complete DOS Security
Protegent Complete DOS Security
by CharaGarlnad
3:8 - 14,587 views

[Chorus 1]
I am Proto
Your security is my motto

[Verse 1]
Install me on your computer
To protect your data better
With me there no viruses
Could enter your computer
Malware! Spyware! Trojan!
All gone forever!
I filter your junk mail
Monitoring WiFi, never fail!

[Chorus 2]
I am pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-Proto!
Your security is my motto

[Verse 2]
I keep your data encrypted
Your virus security updated
Anti-phishing for safe browsing
And safe pay for secure e-shopping!
My security acts silently
So you can work efficiently

[Chorus 3]
I am Proto
Enhanced performance is my motto

[Verse 3]
I make monitoring
At the office lot easier
No Facebook! No games!
Efficiency gets better
I ensure effective people planning
With twenty percent lesser staff
The company is shining

[Chorus 4]
I am pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-Proto!
Preventing data theft is my motto

[Verse 4]
I prevent data leakage
Securing your business and image
No pen drive, no email
No print without permission
No stealing of data
And you work without any tension

[Chorus 5]
I am Proto
Preventing data loss is my motto

[Verse 5]
I reverse data loss
Saving you from your angry boss
I recover deleted files
Making it sure, that you always smile

[Chorus 6]
I am pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-Proto!
Protection from laptop theft is my motto

[Verse 6]
I track your lost laptop
To let you work non-stop
I do remote data encryption
Saving you from security tension

[Chorus 7]
I am Proto
Bringing families closer is my motto

[Verse 7]
I protect your kids while they surf
As I know, that parenting is tough
I like to bring smile to your faces
Making internet surfing relaxing
With all work traces!

[Chorus 8]
I am Proto
Complete security is my motto
Discord: https://discord.gg/bvhbNVB
Twitter: @charagarlnad

My specs: i7 6700, GTX 1060, 16GB DDR4, 512GB SSD
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