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You've Got Everything'd (V4)
by Technos72

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Youtube Thumbnail The Land Before Time 101 | The Cave of Many Voices | HD | Full Episode
The Land Before Time 101 | The Cave of Many Voices | HD | Full Episode
by The Land Before Time
22:57 - 1,216,958 views

The Land Before Time 101 | The Cave of Many Voices | HD | Full Episode. ► Click here to subscribe for brand new videos of The Land Before Time: http://bit.ly/2ubhkHb

While exploring the Secret Caverns to find Chomper a new cave to live in, the kids accidentally create an opening into the Mysterious Beyond that is discovered by the fearsome Red Claw and his Sharptooth lackeys. Meanwhile, an insecure Ducky implores her offbeat friend Ruby to teach her how to "talk big."

The Land Before Time, introduces us to Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie, and follows them on their first journey together - an exciting quest to find the lush, legendary Great Valley. Along the way, the prehistoric pals overcome many challenges and learn the value of teamwork and friendship.

► Watch More The Land Before Time All Videos: http://bit.ly/2vFvQGp

► Watch More The Land Before Time Full Episodes: http://bit.ly/2tKwykF

► Watch More The Land Before Time Season 1 Full Episodes: http://bit.ly/2gNf31M
Youtube Thumbnail Yoshi And Turtles Faster
Yoshi And Turtles Faster
by syahdan bey
0:20 - 68,882 views

Yoshi And Turtles Faster
Youtube Thumbnail Twenty Five ways to Kill Yoshi
Twenty Five ways to Kill Yoshi
by Shonie Boy
3:50 - 137,597,577 views

Yoshi, the sound effects, and the music in this video belongs to Nintendo.

I love Yoshi so much that I could just squeeze him, and do some other things. Most of the sound effects used for Yoshi in this video are from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. A few Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario World ones were also used. Then there are other generic sound effects I used from iMovie or random places on the internet. The poor little Yoshi we used barely survived some of these, including the pan fry one which turned into a small problem off screen. But anyway, it was fun making this. Took my brother and myself a couple weekends to film and edit. Just cheesy dumb fun that let creativity ensue. Enjoy Yoshi getting rocked!

BTW I had to buy that random fat guy some food to sit on Yoshi. Never hurts to ask I guess. Also, I only used one Yoshi plush. Lucky me!

Tell me what your favorite death was!

Death List

Baseball Bat
Falling on a Spike
Fat Guy
Gasoline Fire
Kick and Punch
Knife Fight
Lawn Mower
Pan Fry
Rock Drop
Spiked Ball
Youtube Thumbnail Ronald McDonald VS KFC Sign (LIVE)
Ronald McDonald VS KFC Sign (LIVE)
by RackaRacka
4:27 - 5,159,458 views

Lawsuit pending ......
Youtube Thumbnail Annoying Goose 7 - Gather Around, Warriors of Light
Annoying Goose 7 - Gather Around, Warriors of Light
by Joe Vladimirovich Kurosawa
1:30 - 14,732 views

My 2nd self-made AG vid.

Happy viewing, YT-ers. :D
Youtube Thumbnail Pie | Family Guy | TBS
Pie | Family Guy | TBS
by TBS
0:45 - 1,906,909 views

Watch Family Guy weeknights at 8/7c on TBS.

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/TBSSub
WATCH AMERICAN DAD: http://www.TBS.com/shows/American-Dad.html
WATCH MORE FAMILY GUY: http://www.TBS.com/shows/Family-Guy.html

About Family Guy:
Come spend some time with the Griffins. Peter's the obnoxious, befuddled father. Lois is the loving mother. Son Chris is often confused, and daughter Meg is too smart for her own good. Speaking of smart, we'll all be in trouble if maniacal genius Stewie (the baby of the family) gets his way. Oh, and don't forget the martini-sipping mutt, Brian. This perfectly normal suburban family is the brainchild of mad-genius creator Seth MacFarlane.

Full episodes: http://www.TBS.com/shows/Family-Guy.html

About TBS:
The home of Angie Tribeca, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Conan and American Dad.

Get more TBS:
Full Episodes: http://www.TBS.com/shows/
YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/TBS
Twitter: https://Twitter.com/TBSNetwork
Facebook: http://Facebook.com/TBSNetwork
Instagram: https://Instagram.com/TBSNetwork

Pie | Family Guy | TBS
Youtube Thumbnail Rex the Runt Season 1 Episode 9
Rex the Runt Season 1 Episode 9
by woof221
9:38 - 35,742 views

Dog food.
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