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Sparta Remix Super Side By Side 1
by Sparta Remix

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Youtube Thumbnail 100 subscriber special [Part 5/5] - Sparta Remix Quadparison Quadparison
100 subscriber special [Part 5/5] - Sparta Remix Quadparison Quadparison
by Agentrockluxury2
2:28 - 114,512 views

I always wanted to end my 100 sub special with a bang, and that's what I've done here.

If you want to make your own version, feel free to do so, and put it as a response to this.

Top Left: First Extended Quadparison on Youtube! (RAVAGE656)
Top Right: Happy Birthday Handmaster722 (Me)
Bottom left: rcmero's Sparta Remix Quadparison (rcmerod52)
Bottom Right: Zeo's Sparta Quadparison (Part 2/2) (zeoLightning)

I got the inspiration to do this from the comments on the BSL quadparison page.

And no, this has nothing to do with either of the sparta duels I'm doing at the moment.
Youtube Thumbnail Agentrockluxury's Sparta Remix Sixparison
Agentrockluxury's Sparta Remix Sixparison
by Agentrockluxury2
2:27 - 41,095 views

Oh god...

Top Left: Sparta And Freestyle Interactive
Middle Left: SpartaWare DIY
Middle Right: A currently-not-uploaded AgentCube Sparta Freestyle Remix
Bottom Left: Eddsworld Has A Spartargh Remix
Bottom Right: The Sparta Buffalo Song

Well 6 at once is better than 4.
Youtube Thumbnail Agentrockluxury2's Extended Sparta Quadparison
Agentrockluxury2's Extended Sparta Quadparison
by Agentrockluxury2
2:48 - 23,797 views

I wanted to do this for a while, maybe I can make another one with new remixes. Anyway...

Top Left: (Sparta Duel) The Best Of Jastuk's Creations [Sparta Remix]
Top Right: What if Agentrockluxury2 made the original Sparta Remix?
Bottom Left: (Sparta Duel) DEMOMAN IS LEONIDAS
Bottom Right: Morshu Has Once Again Another Sparta Remix

WARNING: Loudness garunteed.
Youtube Thumbnail Agentrockluxury's Ultimate Quadparison Of Sparta
Agentrockluxury's Ultimate Quadparison Of Sparta
by Agentrockluxury2
2:52 - 127,398 views

manga, prank call and anime were all suggested tags. Thanks Youtube!

Oh I had so much fun making this.

In case you missed the first few seconds, I used:

Top Left: What if I made the original Angry Birds Get Captured Sparta Remix?
Top Right: Sparta Remix - Sparta Remix
Bottom Left: This CuttNSee's Creations Mix is cloudy with a chance of Yoshis
Bottom Right: Banang - Sparta DJ Mix

Warning: Might be a bit loud.

I'm shooting for around 3rd place in the contest with this.
Youtube Thumbnail windows has a sparta quadparison
windows has a sparta quadparison
by kittysara12
2:14 - 119,746 views

this is pc we has in the 80s but we has new 1 now good for makeing sparta remix at the left is windows 300 at right is windows 2000 at 2th left is windows95 at 2th right is windows98 do you like/fav it has fun
Youtube Thumbnail ZeoLightning's B-Day Gift
ZeoLightning's B-Day Gift
by Agentrockluxury2
2:55 - 116,611 views


Top Left: The Best Not To Touch It Sparta Remix on Youtube
Top Right: Banana Slamma Extended Sparta Remix
Bottom Left: THX Opening Has a Sparta Remix
Bottom Right: Death Water Extended Sparta Remix
Youtube Thumbnail Nineparison: Omegajynx's favourite extended Sparta Remixes
Nineparison: Omegajynx's favourite extended Sparta Remixes
by omegajynx
2:28 - 210,718 views

I've made a nineparison whit my favourite Extended Sparta remixes.

there are some I like moar, but they aren't extended or haven't a normal base.

this video contais this Sparta remixes:

1. Homer Screaming Has a Sparta Remix

2. Windows 98 has an EXTENDED Sparta Remix

3. The Best "All Toasters Toast Toast" Sparta Remix On Youtube

4. Spartagon

5. Kamehameha [Sparta Remix]

6. Xatu Sparta Remix - ネイティオ スパルタ リミックス


8. Morshu Has Once Again Another Sparta Remix

9. Spartan Romance

Credits to their respective autors (6. Xatu sparta remix belongs to me.)

Sorry is the audio tracks aren't perfect synchronized. Its the most synchronized I achieve whit sony vegas 8. I will try it to synchronize the audio tracks whit audacity.
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