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day 3 on chocolate advet calendar
by fletcher

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Youtube Thumbnail Fire Alarm - Testing
Fire Alarm - Testing
by CDS Electrical
0:20 - 142,327 views

Quick demo showing a fire alarm unit being tested at our offices in Polegate. We are able to install, maintain and test fire alarms for your business or educational premises, so feel free to contact us on 01323 734162 or e-mail us at info@cdselectrical.co.uk.

Youtube Thumbnail

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Youtube Thumbnail Fire Alarm Test at Work #1
Fire Alarm Test at Work #1
by d1011222
1:26 - 455,853 views

Testing our building's fire alarm system.
Youtube Thumbnail Giant Homemade Fire Alarm
Giant Homemade Fire Alarm
by The Fire Alarm Guy
2:4 - 79,661 views

I was bored, so I decided to make a homemade fire alarm. All you need is cardboard, and scissors. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please like and subscribe.
Youtube Thumbnail Dora Pulls The Fire Alarm And Gets Grounded
Dora Pulls The Fire Alarm And Gets Grounded
by Brendan Barney
1:55 - 74,291 views

Requested by NSRailfanner, and extra credit to him/her for giving me the script!

NOTE: I will upload the behind the scenes video after it gets uploaded.
Youtube Thumbnail What I Did For New Year's 2017: Midnight Fire Alarm Sounding (Last One of These)
What I Did For New Year's 2017: Midnight Fire Alarm Sounding (Last One of These)
by NewEnglandElevators
5:15 - 75,597 views

UPDATE 12/23/17; PLEASE DO NOT BUG ME TO DO IT FOR 2018 OR FOR ANY YEAR AFTER. I still enjoy fire alarms and elevators, but I feel like I am starting to get sick of the same thing over and over (aka, THIS THING). If i do happen to get back into the spirit to do one more of these GREAT, if not, OH WELL, don't moan and whine to me about it. Additionally, this is going to be my last video for a while, don't bug me or complain for me to make more videos in general. I am too busy in life. You may find out more in my pinned comment.***


The year of 2016, was an exciting one for me personally. I produced a few cool videos, hit 1,000,000+ views and counting, and I even had several new experiences, both elevator and alarm related, and even gained a few new interests. At the same time, it was quite a crazy year. As such, it can probably explain why it’s been a while since I made a video for this channel. First and foremost, I’m not dead, I’m alive and well, and quite obviously, and still have my collection (don't even ask if I'm giving anything away). However, to keep things simple, I have been extremely busy with a few other things and priorities that required much more of my attention and time. In addition, I needed a break from making videos to focus on these things, and a few other reasons which I won't get into.

However, to bring in 2017, I’m back in action! I know I said I wasn't sure if I was doing a special this year, but I'm out of my mini-hiatus for now for one of my seemingly highly anticipated videos of the season, and to continue a fun tradition to top that (I know some of you are already wondering if I will do this for 2018. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, as usual, the answer for that is POSSIBLY. I don't want make any promises that I can't fulfill, though).

I have 40 or so devices hooked up this time around, my largest yet. This will probably be the largest setup I will ever set up. It’s somewhat overwhelming for my power supplies to handle this many devices. It’s so much that I wired THREE DIFFERENT circuits to handle all the devices, which is explained at the end of the video. Two of which are powered by my Wheelock RPS-2440 power supply, which has two 2A 24VDC circuits, and another Reyed one, which also has a 2A 24VDC circuit. Both of these supply filtered DC, and have been used in numerous of my videos. My Monaco Vulcan 1, as much of a cool panel as it is, would not be able to handle this many devices, either coming from the NAC, or from the relay (plus, it’s FWR as well). In addition, I'm trying out a slightly new camera angle. It's a bit different, but I hope it's a fresh change. If I decide to continue these midnight fire alarm soundings, there may be a few new changes out there.

Some of you have been wondering how loud these particular setups are. I took a quick decibel reading while testing the setup, and it was approx. 86db, with a peak of 96db! It would not surprise me if setups in years past have had a similar decibel rating.

I don’t know for sure what 2017 will bring in terms of videos and adventures, whether they're related to elevators, fire alarms, or maybe a completely new topic or two I'm considering making a few videos on (they will be a surprise if I do roll them out, no promises on that, though), but we’ll see. In addition, I don’t know how frequent uploads will be, considering other priorities in my life; you’re just going to have to be patient with me. Don’t unsubscribe, I still hope to come out with something every once in a while. No matter what happens, good and/or bad, here’s to a happy, healthy, and safe 2017!


1: LOUD NOISE WHEN I SET OFF ALL THE ALARMS!!! Turn down your volume at the countdown!

2: It is a FELONY to falsely pull a fire alarm or tamper with them in public (i.e, “just for fun”), unless there is actually a fire, other emergency, or you have the authorization to do so in some fashion. However, this is being activated in a private, controlled, and legal environment. No fire departments were called when activating the alarm.

3: This video contains flashing lights from various strobes within this setup. Those prone to seizures from flashing lights SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.

4: I SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Though, I have many devices hooked up, I have multiple circuits to power the entire array, and the power supplies I have use built in protection for overload. If you do so happen to try this at home, make sure your circuits are suitable for your power supply, and the power supplies that you use have some kind of protection.

I AM NOT responsible for any legal, physical, property, and/or medical related damages done for pulling a false alarm, blown eardrums/speakers, or for any seizures. These are your decisions, not mine.
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