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BFDI auditions but its with 7 other versions
by Deian H.

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI auditions but i edited it
BFDI auditions but i edited it
by ZGUExtras!
1:7 - 616,667 views

credit to everyone
credit to jacknjellify for the flash file.

dont overuse this as a sparta remix source. you can still use it
credit to everyone for every asset and image and stuff.
credit to jacob sparker for the laptop
and i guess mialex
Youtube Thumbnail BFDI auditions my way
BFDI auditions my way
by Random Edits
1:5 - 251,843 views

Created using VideoFX Live: http://VideoFXLive.com/FREE
Youtube Thumbnail My BFDI Auditions Edited thingy
My BFDI Auditions Edited thingy
by Loskythecopydog77
1:12 - 517,772 views

credit to jacknjellfy cause this is his flash file. i just basely edit it with random other characters.
- join my discord server:https://discord.gg/2jrUNk2

- follow me on

- follow me on twitter:https://twitter.com/Loskythecopydog

Thank You so much for watching this shitpost video
Youtube Thumbnail Recommended Characters Reanimated!
Recommended Characters Reanimated!
by TheChromaAnimator
1:6 - 625,178 views

ALL GRAPHICS WERE MADE BY fernozzle and carykh (jacknjellify)
INSPIRED BY fernozzle and carykh (jacknjellify) and XanyLeaves
AUDIO BY fernozzle and carykh (jacknjellify)
ALL CREDITS GO TO fernozzle and carykh (jacknjellify)
The creator of BFB is aware that this is uploaded. He is completely fine with it.
Youtube Thumbnail BFDI FAN ANIMATION - Recommended Character Auditions (Remake)
BFDI FAN ANIMATION - Recommended Character Auditions (Remake)
by XanyLeaves
1:7 - 706,834 views

Was watching some old BFDI episodes and got to this part of episode 17, heard the date at the end and was like 'wow this is perfect' so here it is! This is mostly for the people that are subbed to me for object stuff, for those of you who aren't, JAR animated, Game Grumps animated and Oney Plays animated are all in the works.

Animated in Flash CS6 using assets created by Michael and Cary Huang
Youtube Thumbnail bfdi auditions
bfdi auditions
by animatorguy
1:22 - 17,723 views

Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Recommended Characters but in my own style
BFDI Recommended Characters but in my own style
by RyanTheInkling
1:1 - 605,174 views

Same video, but with updates. (EDIT: Comments have been disabled because of people voting for objects in this video, even though I do not have a object show planned. Also, it is disabled because SOMEbody decided to spam the comments. So yeah.)
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