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Youtube Thumbnail Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2
Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2
by andrea romano
4:30 - 124,964,107 views

Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2
Played by Vadim Chaimovich (https://www.youtube.com/vadimchaimovich)
FB-Vadim: https://www.facebook.com/vadimchaimovich


Vincent van Gogh painted The Starry Night one year before dying.
Chopin composed his popular Nocturne when he was about twenty.
it does not matter if you think that it is too late for you or that you still have a lot of time...you have to decide whether you are Chopin or van Gogh.

By creating this video I tried to do only one thing which turned to be the most difficult one: make you feel an emotional synesthesia.
When hearing the melody, don't you feel that everything is...blue? aren’t you lost in the sky? is your mind going over? It’s not for no reason.
it is not only an image, it is not only a melody. It is a trip.
You don't feel bored. Its your mind using the notes and the colors to create your own experience.

Most of the videos online with only one image are only music, but not this.

The research behind the perfect combination is the key for the unconscious.

This popular nocturne is in rounded binary form (A, A, B, A, B, A) with coda, C. The A and B sections become increasingly ornamented with each recurrence. The penultimate bar utilizes considerable rhythmic freedom, indicated by the instruction, senza tempo (without tempo). Nocturne in E-flat major opens with a legato melody, mostly played piano, containing graceful upward leaps which becomes increasingly wide as the line unfolds. This melody is heard again three times during the piece. With each repetition, it is varied by ever more elaborate decorative tones and trills. The nocturne also includes a subordinate melody, which is played with rubato.
Youtube Thumbnail Condamnati la fericire--Experimentul comunist in Romania. Documentar [1]
Condamnati la fericire--Experimentul comunist in Romania. Documentar [1]
by brailamuntenia
42:33 - 155,262 views

Film scris şi prezentat de Vladimir Tismăneanu. Regia: Dinu Tănase. Filmul analizează soarta tuturor celor cărora comunismul le-a vrut binele cu sila. Document zguduitor, pelicula vorbeşte despre această stranie fericire, impresionant cu atât mai mult cu cât sunt folosite doar imaginile oficiale ale propagandei comuniste. Parăzile, discursurile, zâmbetele şi aplauzele furtunoase pe care le vedem este ceea ce comunismul a vrut să fie văzut.
Youtube Thumbnail Breathing Butterfly with talking flowers intro (English)
Breathing Butterfly with talking flowers intro (English)
by Elfenworks Foundation
5:8 - 9,265 views

See www.elfenworks.org/butterfly for more information. Our 'kids and cortisol' project will utilize simple and straightforward visualization images such as butterflies, balloons, and birds, giving children in stressful conditions (e.g., high poverty, homelessness...) another internal resource, commonly referred to as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, to help them cope.
Youtube Thumbnail Fox Calls
Fox Calls
by StarFoxFan4641
2:16 - 12,740,685 views

*PLEASE READ - Q&A in description. In this video, you will learn a few different fox calls and sounds, and what they mean. Foxes can make up to more then 40 calls and sounds; contact calls, and interaction calls. Foxes are normally quiet animals, and their calls are mostly heard durning the mating season when foxes are calling out to each other and fighting over territory. Fox cubs are very quiet, and only make sounds when they are playing, fighting, or nursing. Most of the time, fox calls are mistaken for the call of another animal. *I do not own the audio or the pictures. This video is for educational purposes only.


Q: Are pets safe from wild foxes?
A: Foxes will stay well away from dogs, even if the dog is smaller then the fox. Foxes don't normally attack cats. In fact, most fox/cat meetings end with the cat chasing the fox away. Foxes don't normally fight unless they have to. As for smaller pets like rabbits that are kept outside, a very hungry fox may look at it as an easy meal, and same goes for chickens. Healthy foxes don't normally pose as a threat to cats or dogs, but a fox carrying rabies is a very deadly animal. And foxes are extreamly protective of their cubs, and will attack anything, even bears, if they feel their cubs are in dager.

Q: Are silver foxes different from red foxes?
A: Silver foxes are red foxes, just with a silver or black coat rather then a red one. Red foxes are named for their red coats, but different colored red foxes have nick-names for a different colored coat. Silver or black colored red foxes are called silver foxes, and red foxes with a dark coat with red, cream, black, and silver with a dark stripe down its back and across its shoulders is called a cross fox. Red foxes can also be white, cream, or marble colored.

Q: Are they good as pets?
A: No wild animal makes a good pet. They will always have wild blood in them and can never be fully tamed. Foxes like to climb and dig. Most places won't let you keep a wild animal as a pet unless you have a license to keep one. You will also need to keep it updated on all it's shots, and most vets will not or can not work on wild animals unless they are licensed. Plus, there'd be big trouble if it ever bit someone.

Q: Can foxes climb over fences?
A: Foxes are really good climbers, they would have no trouble climbing a fence. Red foxes and gray foxes are known to climb trees, and gray foxes are sometimes found sleeping in trees, giving them the nick-name "tree fox".

Q: Are foxes a danger to humans?
A: Healthy foxes normally keep their distance from humans. They fear humans, and for good reason. Urban foxes may have less fear of humans, and may come rather close. However, foxes can carry rabies, which is deadly to humans if not treated right away. Urban foxes may seem friendly, but never try to touch any wild or stray animal.

Q: When are they most active?
A: It depends. Some fox species are active only at night, and if a fox has cubs to feed or if food is hard to find, they may be active though out the whole day. But foxes are mostly active at dawn and dusk. They like nap and play during the day, and do some nighttime hunting.

Q: The alarm bark and vixen's scream almost sound alike, how do you tell the difference?
A: The vixen's scream is mostly only heard during the mating season, which is at a different time for different species of fox and different places around the world, but for red foxes in most places around the world you may hear the mating call between December and April. A nother way is the alarm bark is more of a "raaww" while the vixen's scream is more of a "whaaa"
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