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Prejudice and Fear Rush Warner
by Eli

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Youtube Thumbnail Bill Warner, PhD: Bigot, Racist, Hater, Islamophobe
Bill Warner, PhD: Bigot, Racist, Hater, Islamophobe
by Political Islam
6:58 - 35,511 views

When my talk was announced recently, the “virtuous” progressives fired off their usual smear tactics. They did not produce a single fact about me, but said that a leftist group claimed that I was one of the chief Muslim bashers. Which is very odd since I don’t talk about Muslims, just Mohammed and Allah. I am an opponent of political Islam, not Muslims.

They charge me with presenting a “slanted” view of Islam, which is true. Three different views of Islam are demonstrated by the reaction to the day that Mohammed beheaded 800 Jews. Muslims see it as a day of victory; apologists see it as just another historic event. My view is that of a Kafir – beheading the Jews because they said that Mohammed was not a prophet – was an evil act. If you speak about Islamic political doctrine the apologists say you are a bigot.

A clergyman weighed in to say that I do not appreciate the vibrancy of Muslim culture. He is right. I only care about political Islam. I would hope that he would care about the brutality of Islam about Christians in Africa and the Middle East, but he is silent about that evil.

A community college president said that I should be forbidden to speak. This is symptomatic about schools becoming centers of ideology, not fact-based reasoning.

Why all of the insults? It is the only weapon of the ignorant.
Youtube Thumbnail Rush-The Weapon (Part II of Fear) (Lyrics)
Rush-The Weapon (Part II of Fear) (Lyrics)
by RushLyricsOnScreen
6:25 - 106,845 views

I did not write this song and I do not intend any copyright infringement.

Rush-The Weapon (Part II of Fear) from the 1982 album 'Signals'. Enjoy!
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