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by spakfeje

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Youtube Thumbnail [HTFJP2] Nemao has a Sparta Unextended Remix
[HTFJP2] Nemao has a Sparta Unextended Remix
by RetronMTB
0:56 - 24,710 views

bordem out of site, out of mind
credit to all
i owe nothing
source by k.vinsfox (knightatnights)
Youtube Thumbnail (Early Christmas Special) {Mokey's Show}
(Early Christmas Special) {Mokey's Show} "CHRISTMAS!!!" - Sparta Unextended Remix
by SWUG97
0:58 - 27,823 views

In case if you're wondering, no, I am not getting a Nintendo Switch for Christmas! I wish I was though.

Base by Keaton!
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLGt7ToLgnw
Source belongs to Sr Pelo!
I own nothing!
Youtube Thumbnail
"I'm a mammoth!" - Sparta Unextended Remix
by a j 9 2
0:58 - 10,536 views

Please read description!

I know its not great idea for this, but i should return of inactive my channel at least, and minor chords maybe you will not be suitable, but for me sounds good. And dont worry i make something better than this, just wait one - two weeks or even a month. I said everything I wanted. Bye!


Its originally remix of CurtisTRY
Inspired by Phantom RMW and WooperLooper194
Base by Keaton
Youtube Thumbnail [Filler] Spongebob -
[Filler] Spongebob - "That is so exciting!" - [Sparta Unextended Remix]
by GS3.4
0:58 - 3,860 views

Base by Keaton
SBSP belongs to viacom
Youtube Thumbnail Stop Attacking the Plaza - Sparta Unextended Remix
Stop Attacking the Plaza - Sparta Unextended Remix
by Jario
0:59 - 16,530 views

OK K.O.! Let's be Sparta Remixers!
i'm probably not the first one to use this source but maybe i'm one of the first :3c


OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes [Season 1 Episode 27: "Stop Attacking the Plaza"]
i only used the last 3 minutes of the episode since i only downloaded a clip from youtube
Youtube Thumbnail (HTMFNAF3NS) Springtrap:
(HTMFNAF3NS) Springtrap: " I am Purple!!! " Sparta Unextended Remix
by Bonnie the Remixer
0:59 - 966 views

Here, have a minute with this remix :)

I supposed to make a time travelling remix using this source actually but I'll make it later.

Source by Garret Williamson
Base by Keaton
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail I've ever done! - Sparta Unextended Remix
I've ever done! - Sparta Unextended Remix
by TheInfiniteSpartan
0:59 - 2,614 views

This is it, another BFDI sparta remix will quote is "I've ever done" was return, and lots of made remix earlier and melodyne pitch now is so smoother now.
And i got for SonyFive's pitch madness testing out...

Also, Happy Birthday Spartan Braixen!
Source by jacknjellify
Base by Keaton

credit 2 all
i own nothing

WARNING : Don't typical this remix, or stealing have warned for you again!
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