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by Richman 4066

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Youtube Thumbnail Absolute Booster 4
Absolute Booster 4
by Absolute Power Subliminals
2:6 - 5,351 views

Sorry for making you change your playlists yet again! I promise this is my last booster for now. This is basically just Absolute Booster 3 merged with my Brain Reboot/Reality Refresh, and I added some new affirmations to help defragment the brain as well. I have only been listing the newest effects in my videos in the description, but from now on if it builds on something I have already released then I will copy and paste the effect lists from the other videos so you don't have to go back and look.

Basically, all that changes between boosters is I find larger magnitudes of numbers and infinitesimally smaller units of time. I left the effects from the older videos mostly untouched because 1. I started to update all the effects and realized just how much work it would be to go back into my affirmation document to look through all 40,000 affirmations just to get the exact numbers I changed, and 2. I want you to be 100% positive that what I'm telling you is accurate. There are a few sub makers out there who only wish to fuck with you and cause bad things to happen, so I want to be as transparent as possible. Basically, Graham's number from the effects of Absolute Boosters 1 and 2 were changed to be either Tree(3) or SSCG(99). The full list of effects is too long for the description so it'll be in the comments. As always, drink plenty of water. I recommend at least 32 ounces (or 1 liter) per hour. As always, the affirmations mention being high/tripping/drunk/breathing/drinking water/being happy + positive/being stressed + negative/using any substances specifically boosting results. I believe that everyone has the right to do anything to their own body or put any substances into their own bodies as long as it doesn't affect others and they're responsible about it, so I refuse to limit you in that way. I personally listen while stoned every night and while tripping once a month, and it works for me. I'm not telling you to go and do that because it's not for everyone, but now you understand why I include affirmations to make everything imaginable boost results.

Be prepared for negative entities to put up a fight. They are stubborn and want to keep you negative so they can feed off of you. Every night for the past few nights my phone mysteriously restarted itself while I was listening in my sleep, and therefore my music player was off for I don't even know how long and I don't know how many times my playlist played through. Just keep at it and eventually they will fuck off for good. Also, be prepared for Ascension symptoms. I had the spiritual flu for a few months where I was tired and depressed the entire time and just felt like crap. You will eventually get over it and since I have depression to begin with, not everyone will have the same symptoms as me. Once the new year started, I just started feeling happy most of the time and less stressed so the worst is probably behind me now. For more information, read up on ascension symptoms and the spiritual flu.
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Youtube Thumbnail Perfect School Life ll Good Student - Improved ll Subliminal
Perfect School Life ll Good Student - Improved ll Subliminal
by Miss Synergy
8:31 - 465,830 views

Affirmations include:
- Become the best student ever
- Photographic memory
- Audiographic memory
- Remember everything you are taught in class.
- Pass all classes and tests with A's
- Have the highest grades
- Be more intelligent
- Good studying method
- Better time management
- Be more confident in what you know
- Be more participative in class
- Always try to respond to teachers' questions
- Extremely good concetration and focus
- Always know the answers to tests
- Learn anything instantly
- Easily recall anything you learn
- Intuitive aptitude
- Hypercompetence
- Read faster
- Be good at maths, history, biology, chemistry, etc..
- Learn any language you desire
- Speak publicly with confidence
- Win debates
- Neat and improved handwriting
- Be relaxed during class
- Stop procrastination
- Self-love
- Get rid of anxiety
- Teachers are nice to you
- Classmates are nice to you
- People from your school are nice to you
- Attract true loyal friends
- Meet new exciting people
- Attract your crush
- Attract your desired partner
- Everyone finds you beautiful
- Have an attractive aura
- Manifest what you desire using LOA
- Get rid of intrusive thoughts


All my subliminals:
• Are downloadable
• No frequencies
• Can be heard without earphones

Results depend on each person. Listen between 30 minutes and one hour to get faster results. If you feel overwhelmed, reduce the listening time to 6 times.

Subliminals work better when you do not know the affirmations that's why i don't share them.
Youtube Thumbnail Listen To Endless Subliminals [REQUESTED - UNISEX] ♡ Subliminal
Listen To Endless Subliminals [REQUESTED - UNISEX] ♡ Subliminal
by precious vibes
10:40 - 27,528 views

You will receive:
❥Blockage remover
❥Listen to as many subliminals as you want
❥Get fast results no matter what
❥Get permanent results
❥Get instant results

❤To loop: right click and click loop

To make a request:

1. Comment on the Discussions tab of my youtube profile
2. Email me at preciousvibesofficial@gmail.com

1. SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) '울고 싶지 않아 (Don't Wanna Cry)' - Piano Cover

❤ I spent a lot of time to make sure the affirmations are effective and safe to use.
❤Everyone can use this subliminal.
❤You don't need to be fluent, just be able to understand English well.
❤Drink plenty of water.
❤Listen to this subliminal twice or more per. day.
❤Keep taking your prescribed prescription(s). This does not replace medical advice.

Please leave your updates in the comments

I don't advertise my channel into my subliminals. I want to do my best to provide what is asked of me~!

- video upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com
by Kaguya Hagoromo Subliminals
10:32 - 12,234 views

I swear this is my last booster for a while😂😂😂😂 I swear!! I tod myself not to become another Curt Subliminals [I love him but daamn them boosters all are so hard to choose between 😂😂]
This subliminal contains the following:

• Be immune to subconscious blockages
• Be immune to slow results🦄🦄🦄🦄
• Be immune to negative entities
• Beyond Omniversal subconcious🦄🦄🦄🦄
• Beyond Omniversal wishes🦄🦄🦄🦄
• Beyond Omniversal desires🦄🦄🦄🦄
• You have everything you want[no need to manifest because you can get everything now!!]
• Beyond Omniversal mind🦄🦄🦄🦄
• Infinite belief🌸🌸
• All subliminal types work for you🦄🦄🦄🦄(i.e. combos, etc)
• All playlists affirmations are made to be fulfilled🦄🦄🦄🦄
• All subliminal typing errors are corrected🦄🦄🦄🦄[thank you Stephs subliminals for this before I finished these affirmations]
• Have results stronger the the cosmos🌸🌸
• Beyond immediate results🌸🌸
• Have full results no matter what🌸🌸
• Have full completed results when you wake up🦄🦄🦄🦄
• Have full results no matter the speed of your subliminal🌸🌸
• Repeat the affirmations 1 trillion times each and every 2nd🦄🦄🦄🦄
• Repeat the affirmations 1 trillion times no matter what🦄🦄🦄🦄
• Omniversal pretty much everything and I mean everything🦄🦄🦄🦄
• This whole subliminal is meant to be more powerful than the infinite cosmos🦄🦄🦄
• Infinitely more powerful than cosmic energy🌸🌸
• Every affirmation is infinitely more powerful than the cosmos🌸🌸
• Beyond zenith subconcious 🌸🌸
• Subconious is suggestive for the next 8 hours to Extremely open to ALL AFFIRMATIONS!!💮💮💮💮💮💮
• Give your body, mind permission forcefully change
• All parts of your body give permission to forcefully change
• All parts of your mind and brain give permission to forcefully change
• Your subconcious will instantly complete the affirmations
• Be free from all blockages emotional doubt guilt anxiety mental conscious subconscious
• Be free from limitations Be able to achieve anything subliminal flush!!FLUSH AWAY THE OLD(will keep all results)
• all emotions boost subliminal results (even if you are in bad mood only positive results will happen ) GET RESULTS NO MATTER WHAT!!
• Increase the effectiveness from all affirmations by infinity right now
• Each second counts as millinllion cosmos
• Get a millinllion cosmos worth of results each second
• Anything humanly possible will multiply your results by infinity
• Every affirmation will be multiplied by infinity
• Results stay even if you look into the mirror
• Bodily time travel
• See yourself with your results
• Be seen by others with your results
• Everyone accepts your results
• Even online friends accept your results💮💮
• All videos and documents resemble your appearance now💮💮
• Have full results even if you know the affirmations
• Will not clash with any booster ❤❤
• Have complete subliminal results with 1 listen❤❤
• Get full results each second
• Your subconscious mind reacts positively to subliminals
• Your subconscious mind is able to absorb infinite amount of affirmations without getting tired
• Your subconscious mind is able to listen to an infinite amount of different subliminals successfully
• There is a little more If you want affirmation list than you can email or send in comments!! If you want a non-forced version let me know!! Please please please!! Know your limits!! 2 times before and after good. You can listen more if you want but if it's too much take a break drink lots of water!!
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