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Rainbow Tylenol Mashup
by Megamibunny

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Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow Invaders
Rainbow Invaders
by epicsidekick
1:54 - 172,470 views

I did my best, I really did.
Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow Trololol
Rainbow Trololol
by EnigmaEvocative
1:54 - 4,334,805 views

RIP Eduard Khil aka Trololo Guy. We'll miss you.... Troll on in the afterlife.

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Time to hop on the Tylenol trend with all the YTPMV pros!

My 3rd and most difficult YTPMV yet. Took me about 15-20 hours. Yes, I did the solo myself, manually.

Song is Rainbow Tylenol by Kitsune^2 (also known as Renard).

EDIT: Okay. So a lot of people have been asking what program I used to make this thing. I'll be completely honest here, and any comments asking the same question won't be answered.

I made the audio track in Audacity 1.3, and the visuals in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. It's the same for all other YTPMVs I've made and will make.


MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?hsycgrgsldk9tab

Special thanks to mssnor for some ideas for visuals. :)
Youtube Thumbnail Super Mario Tylenol
Super Mario Tylenol
by LightningToast3
1:52 - 851,949 views

This is a Super Mario Brothers MAD remix using a song called Rainbow Tylenol by the same composer who made Avast Your Ass, Kitsune^2. This one was fairly difficult to get every pitch to be exactly the same since the melody of the song is extremely fast, especially at the solo part. But overall, everything turned out to be great. Thanks for watching!

For those who keep asking, "Who is that anime girl character at 1:19?" That is Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project video game series. The melody that went along with Rainbow Tylenol is one of her theme songs.
Youtube Thumbnail [YTPMV] Sonic's Tylenol Adventure
[YTPMV] Sonic's Tylenol Adventure
by JansenM
1:50 - 22,523 views

Original track 'Rainbow Tylenol' composed by Kitsune²; Ryan Drummond's beautiful voice arranged by myself.

I hadn't done one of these in a considerable amount of time so I figured I'd give another a try with my updated knowledge and patience.
Fashionably late to yet another fad, I find this is probably the most complex thing I've created and I'm pretty damn satisfied with it.

Youtube Thumbnail JonTronlenol
by Jekkin
1:55 - 63,097 views

This got a better response than it should have, thanks.

Sources are (in order of appearance):
Hercules Games
Goosebumps Part 2
Nightshade: The Claws of HEUGH
Anti-Drug Games
MY NEW CHANNEL: GameGrumps (feat. Egoraptor)
Space Ace
Game Grumps Intro

I used Sony Vegas Pro 11. This took about 4 hours and I did it by ear.

Youtube Thumbnail Fear Of A Tylenol
Fear Of A Tylenol
by HeyItsDanFromCp
1:53 - 296,887 views

Best YTPMV yet? Obviously ;D Thanks to jurg62 for the tutorial, and to TheLuigifan007 for sharing it with me. Here's a link to it:
To be quite honest, i only used it for a minor part of the solo. I decided to try it without it for the most part, and it seriously came out fantastic in my opinion. Haha anyway enjoy!
Youtube Thumbnail AppleJack Tylenol
AppleJack Tylenol
by belluh
1:55 - 173,006 views

Youtube Thumbnail Keyboard Tylenol【Rainbow Tylenol MAD】  Original Remix ✔
Keyboard Tylenol【Rainbow Tylenol MAD】 Original Remix ✔
by Dark OneS
1:53 - 5,119 views

Video Gốc : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxxMo08NOwU
Nhớ subs cho channel của :"JodieStarling's - Original Music Remix" Để Có thêm Nhưng video hay :)https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd7AuGqhXpOf-m5YBH4HM7w
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