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the acesion of a mere mortal to dagoth ur levels of god

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Youtube Thumbnail Virgin With Rage
Virgin With Rage
by AnthroGuitarist
3:23 - 80,032 views

Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPa6t4ZzDDw&list=PLA429D42A55D8CD5D



Hey look at me, I'm sitting here sad and lonely
Without a fire, but I desire
To not hear you say (you say)
"I want it that way."
As I see the ladies walking, along one by one
I never wanna hear, "I have a boyfriend."

Tell me why I'm stuck as a virgin with rage
Tell me why I so need a cute girl my age
Tell me why I ain't never wanna hear you say
"I have a boyfriend."

And I have no fire, but I desire to not hear you say
"I have a boyfriend."

Tell me why I'm stuck as a virgin with rage
(Tell me why) I so need a cute girl my age
Tell me why I ain't never wanna hear you say
"I have a boyfriend."

Why do all of the jerks, get all the pretty girls, yeah?
You may not know this, but you should know
That I am a lonesome heart
And I have no fire, but I desire to not hear you say
"I have a boyfriend."

Stuck as a virgin with rage
So need a cute girl my age
I ain't never wanna hear you say
"I have a boyfriend."

Tell me why I'm stuck as a virgin with rage
Tell me why I so need a cute girl my age
Tell me why I ain't never wanna hear you say
"I have a boyfriend."
(Repeated 2x)

Never say it, now
by AllIN All
2:38 - 61,735 views

Morrowind. Xenophobic Telvanni Dunmer raps about other Tamriel races and his Muatra.

Bandcamp download link (0 septims if you like): https://allinallmusic.bandcamp.com/track/argonians-are-property-morrowind-trap

Fuck the Bosmer, fuck the Redguards
Fuck the Altmer piss-colored tall cunts
Fuck Imperials and their Walking Brass
And Bretons can summon a cock up in their magic Bar aarse
Fuck Khajiit? No thank you I get pussy everyday
And Nerevar has fucked the Nords back in Succession War days
Argonians are property
Argonians are property
Argonians are property
Telvanni in this bitch

Chitin on my skin I put the goldbrand to your chin
And all this loot had made me feel like
I’m the Nerevarine
They call me Ashlander even when there's no ashlands around
Cause when I scorch your ass i make enough to cover the ground (destruction magic)

Summon dremora scroll
So he can watch me fuck your girl
You on a dungeon crawl
My silt strider is set to roll
From Seyda Neen to Balmora
From Ald Ruhn to Suran
I got them n’wah lining up
To hear “we’re watching you scum”

My rubies like Masser and my pearls are like Secunda
But I left them in Nchuleft to save some space for an Umbra
Your mom came for a visit asked me how I’m getting by
I point to my short blade (blade sound) said:
Why walk when you can ride
6 am at Tel Naga - drink some tea with Neloth
Then catch us in the Suran
Cause dunmer bitches are hot
I see khajiit sneaking by and he is after my drakes
You sneak into my yurt I sneak you right into your fucking grave

And none of ya are welcome in my land Morrowind
I’ll be standing at the pier with a bow and a grin
Shoot you down like cliff racers bless the Jiub and Almsivi
Firebite in my hand I’ll go kagouti on thee

Shoutout to my brothers in the House Redoran
And shoutout to Telvanni these n’wahs know how to have fun
Shoutout to Dres - keys to chains in the chest
Shoutout to Dagoth this n’wahs are crazy like the rest
Indoril shining bright - city of magic and light
Shout out to the guars - those things as cute as the blight
And if I ever need a helping hand I’ll go ask Hlaalu
Wipe out my Muatra tell them “you know what to do, swit”

EDIT: Originally I wanted Morrowind Shorts to rap enitrely in Dunmer voice but he turned me down saying that he wouldn't be able to rap this fast and that he was overall busy. I learnt how to add new animations into this old ass game using Blender 32. I wanted to say something else but I forgot. I wouldn't mind doing more game-related music videos but I don't want to copy either Dan Bull or Young Scrolls and I need to find time to play more new games. Like I got obsessed with Hideo Kojima recently but I have never played MGS.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/musicbyallinall
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allinallmusic
Instagram: all_inall
Youtube Thumbnail Daggerfall shop theme 10 minutes
Daggerfall shop theme 10 minutes
by Channel 1
10:21 - 1,730 views

Youtube Thumbnail dagoth ur destroys vvardenfell (circa 4E 05)
dagoth ur destroys vvardenfell (circa 4E 05)
by Sorenova
1:27 - 355,561 views

i hope i can one day live up to dagoth ur fanfiction
Youtube Thumbnail DAGOTHWAVE
by young scrolls
3:49 - 2,173,235 views

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/youngscrolls/dagothwave
BANDCAMP: https://youngscrolls.bandcamp.com/track/dagothwave
MERCH: https://society6.com/youngerscrolls
POORLY DRAWN ELDER SCROLLS ART: https://instagram.com/youngscrolls
BACKGROUND GRID BY AE DESIGN: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuROj3h223E-ZLdPzrmSm-w
Youtube Thumbnail Dagoth Ur Fanfiction (1 Hour Version)
Dagoth Ur Fanfiction (1 Hour Version)
by Andrew Boyle
0:11 - 51,556 views

"The chairs. The tables. All confused. We hear the words, and must speak them. We take them, and arrange them, but still, they will not be quiet."

Credit to the Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l83vT2svg3g
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail ♫
♫ "Spawn" - Minecraft Parody of Johnny Cash / NIN - Hurt
by Phantaboulous
4:4 - 1,801,699 views

► SIGNED PHYSICAL ALBUM!: http://j.mp/PhantaShop
► iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spawn/id780226089?i=780226152
or find it on Amazon, Google Play and all the other stores!

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/Phantaboulous
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Phantaboulous
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/Phantaboulous

► *** 5% off GTOmega Gaming chairs using code "phanta5" http://goo.gl/1SpQQ3

▼ Send Me Something! ▼
Martijn / Phantaboulous
P.O. Box 40080
7504 RB Enschede

▼ Merchandise! ▼
US: http://phantaboulous.spreadshirt.com
EU: http://phantaboulous.spreadshirt.net

Enjoyed this? Don't forget to like, favourite and subscribe for more!

▼ Credits! ▼
Produced & written by Phantaboulous:
Animations and visuals by TheBlueJerome:
Vocals by Phantaboulous:
Instrumental by ColonelChisato:
Special thanks to TomerGames, Theaussiecraft, FrediSaalAnimations and Graypoint who were nice enough to help me and Jerome render the animations, I appriciate it a ton!

So, this is something that has been in the works for months, and finally I got the chance to release it. I hope most of you will like it, but I can imagine that some of you don't since it's a different style of music not many people make Minecraft parodies of, but I just really wanted to do it myself.
To explain the point "THERE ARE NO MOBS IN SG!", the official rules state that after the second day, the host can spawn mobs.
I'm glad how it turned out, and for the people that are a bit disappointed, I am working on more parodies and even original Minecraft related songs, including Dance, R&B, Pop and more Rock, so stay tuned for that. Last but not least: Thanks for watching1

Outro song: Bass Walker by Kevin McLeod
Original song by Johnny Cash:
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