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Subliminal booster and height playlist

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Youtube Thumbnail Infinity Binary Booster
Infinity Binary Booster
by Absolute Power Subliminals
6:32 - 459,425 views

USE CAUTION! This is a short version of my Binary Code Booster. This has just pure affirmations plus binary code, so it can be used mostly however you want: you can speed it up as much as you want and edit the audio. The only thing you can't do is reverse the audio because it would change the binary code. Apeiro- is the prefix for infinity. This is the absolute limit of hyperoperations in math. Start slow because while this might underwhelm you at first, it will quickly grow in strength. This has the same exact effects as the apeironation booster. The only changes are: instead of Aleph... apeironated by infinity, it is now infinity apeironated by absolute infinity, the unit of time has been changed from quantum decoherence to "times infinitesimally smaller than when the exact time of quantum decoherence is inversely apeironated by infinity", connection to the Unimind/collective consciousness while listening to subliminals, vibrating in accordance with the Golden Ratio and manipulation of reality using the Golden Ratio. You only need to listen once a day if you don't listen simultaneously at the exact same time as your playlist because the affirmations are repeated over 1000 centillion times (definitely more because that's when I stopped keeping track) but I highly recommend listening to this at the same time as every other subliminal you use if you are able to. It builds up intensity the more you listen. Feel free to have this playing in multiple tabs at different speeds because that will layer it further. Drink plenty of water and be careful. Yes, you can download and I encourage it. Use flac or wav format. The English affirmations are both regular and reverse speech. You do not need headphones because these are pure affirmations and binary code, however due to the 8d audio effects you will only get the full effects through either headphones or a surround sound system if you have one. Be aware, there may be side effects with this. You'll feel tired since the majority of changes are made while you sleep regardless of them being physical, mental or spiritual. I actually got knocked out cold the first few nights I used this for a few hours. You'll feel warm, sweat a lot and need to drink a lot of water. This booster is so strong that it actually burns calories and you might need to increase your caloric intake every day. If you're focusing on spiritual subliminals, there's a good chance you'll feel nauseous or depressed while using this due to ascension symptoms and your body clearing out implants, toxins, negative entities, etc. This booster itself might even cause ascension symptoms because all of my boosters have had affirmations for destroying the matrix and connecting to your higher self. I can't stress enough to use this responsibly and stop if the side effects get too overwhelming. Look up ascension symptoms if you develop any side effects just to make sure thats not what you're going through. I've felt sensations from a subliminal I used one time several days ago, which means anything you listen to will become permanently ingrained into your mind within the first few days if not immediately. That means it will manifest eventually even if you stop watching it and every time you listen after that will just be for speeding up the results. Be absolutely sure about any subliminals you decide to use, because switching back can take a lot of effort and time. Binary code is actually extremely effective because each letter is translated into strings of 1's and 0's which eliminates the possibility of words being mispronounced by the text to speech voices impeding your progress.

I know that this is already ridiculously strong, but I think its worth mentioning that this subliminal is actually the weakest copy of this that I made. I always make a separate version of all my boosters for myself, my family and my friends but since I don't know how long I'll be on a break for, I figured I may as well share it with everyone. This copy is the youtube version layered over itself 13 trillion times and sped up/looped much more. You can listen at https://soundcloud.com/cody-poore/binary-booster-13-trillion-layer
Youtube Thumbnail Chronos Booster
Chronos Booster
by Miss Synergy
2:57 - 1,257,524 views

Listen 2/3 times (or more if desired) in one day or, if you want, you can use it before and after each subliminal.

This is a complimentary booster, which means it can be used with any other booster without cluttering or clashing or having to switch. But do not worry, I'll come back with a bomb booster soon.

This booster is inspired on this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnCIY0V-GWI
So credits to Kol Mikaelson for the idea!
"This subliminal will dilate time so that you get results like if you were inside the hyperbolic time chamber(room of spirit and time). The way it works is for ever minute that you do something(listen to a subliminal, write or say an affirmation, practice something) you will get the results as if you had done that thing for 8 hours. What this means is that if you listen to a subliminal/practice something for 1 hour you will get the results as if you had listened to that subliminal/practiced for 480 hours"

So you will get the same results from a subliminal as you would if you listened to it for a longer time (the times I used are the same as the example above), but you will only get the results, not symptoms like pain or feeling exhausted.

If you have intrusive thoughts do not worry, I made sure to put affirmations for only the things you truly have intention for. This also works for things like studying or even learning how to play an instrument.

Affirmations Include:
Affirmations include:
- Be permanently free from any emotional, energetic, mental, physical, spiritual blockages
- Refreshed healthy powerful subconscious
- Permanently heal any emotional, spiritual, mental and physical damage/trauma
- Subconscious and conscious mind that are in complete alignment
- Mind, soul and body that are in complete balance and harmony permanently
- 1 minute listening to one subliminal equals to 8 hours
- 2 minutes equals to 16 hours
- 5 hours equals to 2400 hours
- 20 hours equals to 10k hours
- Etc.
- Absolute safe Results
- Desired results are permanent

I am now selling tarot readings as well. One of the readings I do is about LOA and subliminal progress to help you localize blockages, etc. If anyone is insterested here you have my tumblr page: plutosychic.tumblr.com My email is plutosychic@gmail.com I only accept paypal transactions at the moment Warning: Tarot cards are not meant to see your future because the future does not exist. All they do is look at the most possible outcome based on your current thoughts, path, actions, etc. you have the power to change the outcome.

❥ all my subliminals:
❥ are unissex except if they say "woman" or "male" in the description/title
❥ don't have frequencies and don't have binaural beats unless I say so
❥ you can multitask
❥ you can listen overnight
❥ you don't have to know english
❥ can be downloaded as wav and flac
❥ you don't have to use earphones or headphones
❥present tense only
❥no words like "no, don't, can't" and etc.
❥ are permanent
❥ have built-in boosters

Results come different for everyone. They depend on many factors like age, health, faith, energy, etc.


If i don't reply to you:
❥ youtube didn't give me your notification
❥ your comment didn't go through
❥ it was marked as spam
❥your question was already answered in the description
❥ it was a request

Hope you guys enjoy it! Love y'all!
Youtube Thumbnail Playlist Saver - Subliminal Toner -Subliminal Affirmations
Playlist Saver - Subliminal Toner -Subliminal Affirmations
by Royal Subliminals
7:5 - 104,227 views

do you have a big playlist ?
do you have headaches from all the subliminals
this subliminal will be your life saver.
affirmations includes:
👑your subconscious mind will perceive all the subliminals as one subliminal, so you will not have slow subliminal results anymore due to many subliminals
👑Fear removal
👑Perfect subliminal results
👑subconscious mind healing
👑quantum entanglement accelerator
👑Desired affirmations
👑desired reality
👑extra deep emotions cleanse
👑positive energy
👑negative energy removal
👑absolute mindfulness
👑immune to misspelled affirmations
👑be free from your past
👑soul cleanse and repair
👑agreements removal
👑blockages removal
👑energetic debt removal
👑Sirius star energy
👑first light of birth
👑depression removal
👑subliminal toner (removes extra deep unnecessary blockages,affirmations,damages,etc..)
👑better playlist
👑find the best subliminals for you
👑stop changing your playlist
👑and much more

Facebook group:

listen at least 3-7 times a day
please subscribe for more royal subliminals 👑x
Youtube Thumbnail GROW TALLER: Activate Rapid Height Growth - Subliminal Affirmations
GROW TALLER: Activate Rapid Height Growth - Subliminal Affirmations
by meme me subliminals
10:3 - 50,537 views

HQ Download: http://bit.ly/memegrow

This video includes specific affirmations designed to get safe & fast subliminal results. This subliminal does not include frequencies.

This subliminal contains:

-reach your desired tall height
-release all negative + limiting beliefs surrounding height
-release all anxieties surrounding height
-body recalls + activates rapid growth stage
-growth stage activation for all genetic ages
-turn on stem-cell production for rapid growth
-open all channels + pathways for rapid growth
-proportionate attractive body
-natural adjustment to new height
-walk + move gracefully
-continuously upgrade + heal body
-increase attractiveness + irresistibly
-DNA modifies to produce desired height
-pass new desired height to offspring
-new desired height is desired + respected by others
-receive all nutrients required for rapid proportionate height growth
-all systems of the body work in coordination to produce new desired height
-all systems of the body grow in proportion with new desired height
-upgrade body for supreme optimal health, function & beauty
-+Many more manifestation & growth enhancing affirmations
-All desired results are permanent

Listen at least 3-6 times a day. You may receive noticeable results before 1 month. Listen for 3+ months for full results. Other activities can be performed while you listen. Please do not drive while listening to subliminals.

Contact Me: memetics.subliminals@protonmail.com

WHAT ARE SUBLIMINALS? Subliminal affirmations are positive spoken words played at low volume and masked by other sounds, where they are then able to bypass our conscious mind, and enter our subconscious. Once in our subconscious, positive affirmations are able not only to affect our physical bodies, but the reality surrounding us. Undesirable changes suggested within affirmations will not be attained by the listener. Reaffirm to yourself what you would like to achieve through the subliminal before listening. The subconscious will only accept desirable, positive, & beneficial affirmations.

Thanks for listening! Good luck with your results.
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