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All Veggie tales Vhs 1993 1998 At the Same Time
by Jeovany Vasquez

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Youtube Thumbnail VeggieTales wheres god when im scared 1993
VeggieTales wheres god when im scared 1993
by VeggieTales Classics
30:26 - 163,139 views

In the first segment, Tales from the Crisper, Junior Asparagus is watching a scary movie before being told by his mother that he needs to go to bed. However, the movie has made him afraid and after imagining that his family in a portrait were frankenstein monsters, Bob and Larry drop in to help. After some discussion, the pair comfort Junior in song about how he does not need to be afraid because God is watching out for him and He is bigger than anything. Junior is then confronted by Frankencelery who reveals that he is really just an actor from Toledo, Ohio, United States. Junior is then convinced that "God is bigger" and after Bob, Larry, and Frankencelery leave, Junior's father comes in. The pair then discuss how God takes care of them, that Junior needs to be more careful about what he watches in the future, and it's okay to tell parents if he's scared.[3]

The second segment is the story of Daniel and the Lions' Den. King Darius (Archibald Asparagus) is in his court with his Wisemen (The Scallions) when he confides that he has had a nightmare and wants help with what it means. The Wisemen are unable to find an answer, but Daniel (Larry the Cucumber) arrives and correctly interprets the dream. Impressed, Darius then promotes Daniel as his second-in-command. However, the Wisemen become jealous and make a plan to trick Daniel into breaking a new law that says that Darius' subjects may only pray to the king. Soon after, the Wisemen catch Daniel praying to God and throw him into the Lions' Den in accordance with the law. Daniel hears the growling lions and is afraid, but an Angel comforts him telling him that God is with him. Meanwhile, the Wisemen celebrate their supposed victory and Darius spends a restless night praying that Daniel's God is protecting him. The next day, Darius runs to the lions' den and finds Daniel alive and well. Darius changes the law so that everybody must pray only to Daniel's God and turns to punish the scheming Wisemen, who subsequently quit their jobs and flee.
Youtube Thumbnail VeggieTales God wants me to forgive them?!? 1994
VeggieTales God wants me to forgive them?!? 1994
by VeggieTales Classics
32:38 - 70,201 views

In the first segment, Pa Grape is the father of a family of cranky hillbilly grapes, The Grapes of Wrath, who regularly name-call and insult each other.[4] Upon crashing into a tree stump, the family get out of their vehicle and begin to tease Junior Asparagus about his appearance. Junior is then rescued by his dad (Dad Asparagus) who explains to The Grapes that it is not nice to pick on people and Junior forgives them at his dad's urging. But when dad says "Junior," Tom and Rosie make fun of the name, leading Junior into an accident. Junior is reluctant to forgive them again, so Bob and Larry then try to figure out how many times one should forgive and Qwerty shows the verse, Matthew 18:22 "Jesus answered 'I tell you not seven times, but seventy times seven.' [Mt. 18:21-22]. When Rosie figures out the answer to Qwerty's question (i.e. 490), the Grapes ask for Junior's forgiveness and the "Grapes of Wrath" are renamed "The Grapes of Math".

The second segment is "Larry's Lagoon". In this story, Larry the Cucumber plays Gilligan, the ship's first mate who crashes and sinks the ship while daydreaming, thus marooning the passengers and crew on a deserted island. Due to this accident, the passengers hold a grudge against Larry, despite his apology, which causes him to run away. However, Bob the Tomato, playing the part ofThe Skipper, realizes the error of their ways and the group forgives Larry for stranding them. A palm tree named Palmy appears and congratulates everyone for their forgiveness and sings a Reggae-style song called "The Forgiveness Song" about how important it is to always show forgiveness from your heart. The cast is finally able to escape the island on a bamboo helicopter cobbled together by The Professor (Dad Asparagus).
Youtube Thumbnail VeggieTales Are you my neighbor? 1995
VeggieTales Are you my neighbor? 1995
by VeggieTales Classics
31:2 - 73,728 views

In the first story, which is an adaptation of theParable of the Good Samaritan (In the styles of both Dr. Seuss and A. A. Milne), Larry the Cucumber lives in the city of Flibber-o-loo, where everybody wears shoes on their heads. Junior Asparagus lives in Jibber-de-Lot where everyone wears pots on their heads. Flibber-o-loo and Jibber-de-Lot fight by throwing pots and shoes at each other. Living the city, Larry is attacked by bandits (The Scallions) who rob and leave him upside down in a hole. Both the mayor of Flibber-o-loo (Archibald Asparagus) and a Flibbian doctor (Archibald's wife) come upon Larry, but claim, in song, to be too busy to help. Soon after, Junior comes along and helps Larry out of the hole, despite the differences of their people. After seeing the kind act of a supposed enemy, the mayor decides that Flibber-o-loo and Jibber-de-Lot should no longer fight. Now, instead of fighting, the two cities throw flowers and candy to each other.

In the second story, Junior tells Dad Asparagus that he is not going to invite a new kid, Fernando, to his birthday party because he thinks that this boy is weird. Bob and Larry arrive in their small ship and take Junior Asparagus to the Starship Applepies, having discovered the ship is in the path of a giant meteor. Upon arriving, they discover that the power to the ship is out. While the ship's engineer (Scooter) frantically works to fix the ship's engines, Junior suggests that two oddball crewmen (Jimmy and Jerry Gourd) help save the ship when it is determined that the meteor is in fact a giant popcorn ball. Rocketed into space, the pair eat the meteor before it can collide with the ship. Junior and the entire crew celebrate and then sing a song about the importance of friendship despite people's differences. Junior, after being returned home by Bob and Larry, tells his Dad that he has reconsidered and will invite Fernando to his party despite how different he is. Then Bob and Larry come back looking for the Freeway, to which Junior gives them directions.
Youtube Thumbnail VeggieTales Rack,Shack and Benny 1995
VeggieTales Rack,Shack and Benny 1995
by VeggieTales Classics
33:50 - 94,135 views

The story is told by Grandpa George and takes place at the Nezzer Chocolate Factory where the employees work hard all day making chocolate bunnies on an assembly line. In celebration of selling their two-millionth chocolate bunny, Mr. Nezzer announces that for 30 minutes all employees may eat all the bunnies they want. While all other workers ravenously devour the chocolate, Shack (Junior Asparagus) convinces his friends Rack (Bob the Tomato) and Benny (Larry the Cucumber) to abstain. Shack emphasizes his stance by singing a lullaby called "Think of Me" that his mom taught him.

When Mr. Nezzer leaves his office only to find all the workers sick except for Rack, Shack, and Benny, the three are rewarded and promoted to Junior Executives. The following day, Mr. Nezzer calls the trio into his office and tells them that he has constructed a 90-foot (27 m) high bunny which he intends to force all employees to bow down to. Through singing of the "Bunny Song", Mr. Nezzer reveals that he believes nothing in the world (such as God, church, school, healthy food, and family) is more important than the bunny. Those who refuse to prostrate before the statue will be thrown into the factory's furnace.

Disagreeing with Mr. Nezzer, when all the other employees obey, Rack, Shack, and Benny refuse to sing the song and bow down. Mr. Nezzer confronts the trio and demands that they sing the song, but the trio again refuse and sing a reprise of "Think of Me." Mr. Nezzer is touched but still tells the guards to take them away. Meanwhile, Laura Carrotplans their rescue. After being pushed down the furnace chute, Laura Carrot rushes in and rescues them with her delivery truck and tries to flee through the factory's ventilation system with two guards in hot pursuit. Eventually they are recaptured and Rack, Shack, and Benny fall into the furnace despite Laura unplugging the big arms holding the truck. While Mr. Nezzer gloats, Mr. Lunt looks inside and notices a fourth person in the furnace who is really shiny and none of them are being incinerated. Shocked, Mr. Nezzer tells them to come out and Rack, Shack, and Benny emerge from the furnace unscathed. Mr. Nezzer realizes that it is God who saved the friends and he apologizes for his actions with the trio forgiving him.
Youtube Thumbnail VeggieTales Dave and the giant pickle 1996
VeggieTales Dave and the giant pickle 1996
by VeggieTales Classics
28:48 - 79,111 views

The story begins in the desert near Jerusalem, where Little Dave (Junior Asparagus) and his older brothers (Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, and Tom Grape) are tending a flock of sheep. The sheep tend to tip over a lot which keeps the shepherds busy. To make matters worse, Jimmy, Jerry, and Tom are constantly picking on Dave and making him do their bidding. Eventually, their father, Jesse (Pa Grape), comes with the news that the Philistines are attacking and that King Saul (Archibald Asparagus) is gathering an army to face the threat. All the brothers run to volunteer, but Dave is stopped by Jesse who tells him that "big people do big things and little people do little things," forcing him to stay and tend the sheep.

At King Saul's camp, the Israelites and the Philistines (portrayed by The French Peas) make a deal to end the war quickly. They agree to have their two greatest fighters face off with the champion determining who shall win the war. Because the Philistines are not as big as the Israelites, King Saul (Archibald Asparagus) reluctantly agrees, but he soon faints in fright when the Philistines bring out the 30-foot tall Goliath (a giant pickle). The rest of the Israelites run away and hide. No one is willing to fight Goliath and the Israelites stall for forty days. One day, Dave is sent to the camp to deliver food to his brothers and is ashamed at the sight of the Israelites hiding from the Philistines. Jimmy and Jerry warn Dave about Goliath, but Dave tells King Saul that he will fight. King Saul is shocked and a little uneasy at first, but after Dave sings a song about how God can help kids make a difference, King Saul is impressed and grants Dave his request. Dave then goes into battle armed with nothing but stones and a sling, while Goliath dons a pair of boxing gloves. However, the battle is short as Dave slings one of the stones at Goliath and strikes him between the eyes, knocking him out. The Philistines panic and run away, while the Israelites congratulate Dave for his victory and his faith.
Youtube Thumbnail VeggieTales Josh and the Big Wall! 1997
VeggieTales Josh and the Big Wall! 1997
by VeggieTales Classics
34:34 - 62,480 views

The Israelites, having been held as slaves in Egypt, are liberated by Moses (Mr. Nezzer) and led to the Promised Land. However, they run away after seeing Goliath's family in the land and are barred from the promised land for forty years. Upon the completion of their forty-year exile, Moses has died, and Joshua (Larry the Cucumber) has become leader of the Israelites. Joshua leads them back to the Promised Land, but they soon stumble upon the city of Jericho. The Israelites are then met by the defenders of Jericho (the French Peas) who taunt them from atop the city's great walls. Joshua tries to explain that God has given the land to the Israelites and that therefore the defenders will have to step aside, but the Israelites are instead met by more insults and smug jeering. When a slushy falls off the wall and hits Jimmy on the head, Joshua decides that the Israelites should fall back and regroup.
That night, Joshua meets the commander of the Army of the Lord (Archibald Asparagus), who tells him how the Israelites are to take Jericho: they must march around the city once a day for six days; on the seventh day they are to march around it seven times while the priests blow their horns, and all scream as loud as they can at the same time. At this point, the messenger states, the walls of Jericho will fall. Joshua is fascinated by this idea. The next morning, Joshua reports the plan to his team, but the rest of the Israelites have ideas of their own. Pa Grape wants to go back to Egypt, and Jimmy and Jerry plan to attack the wall with a giant rocket they just constructed and the Israelites applaud (despite not having hands). Eventually, Joshua talks them into trying it God's way and leads them back to Jericho later that day.
While marching around the walls, the Israelites face more trouble; the city's defenders insult them all the more, turning their taunts into a choreographed musical number, while Joshua and the agitated Israelites try to ignore them. However, things take a turn for the worse when the taunting soon turns into a super semi-frozen battle when the Jericho defenders use slushies as their weapons to attack the Israelites, forcing them to retreat. The end of the day finds the drenched and desperate Israelites on the verge of rebellion, while Joshua refuses to quit. At this point, Junior, one of the Israelites and the co-narrator, intervenes and convinces them to continue with the plan. He says that God's way always works out in the end.
Inspired by Junior's speech, the Israelites agree to stick with the plan, despite more slushy attacks and taunts. On the seventh day, they blow their horns and scream. At first, nothing happens, but then the walls collapse. The Israelites continue their journey towards the Promised Land.
Youtube Thumbnail VeggieTales Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space! 1997
VeggieTales Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space! 1997
by VeggieTales Classics
32:50 - 146,798 views

The episode begins with Percy and his brother Lil Pea seeing what appears to be a comet while coming home from a movie. Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, who staff an early-warning radar station at the Bubmlyburg Science Lab, alert Larry-Boy of an approaching alien. Larry-Boy begins to search for the alien, but has no success. Meanwhile, Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot are having a tea party at Junior's house. Junior decides to take his father's prized "Art Bigoti" bowling plate for his teddy bear, saying that since it is a special bear, it deserves a special plate. While trying to retrieve it, he accidentally breaks the plate. The tennis ball-sized alien "Fibrillus Minimus" (Fib, for short) emerges and convinces Junior to lie to his dad claiming, "A little fib couldn't hurt anybody." Junior lies to his dad and claims that Laura broke the plate by using a gadget. Junior's dad believes him, but Junior soon discovers that every time he lies, his "little fib" grows larger and larger. He and the Fib go downtown where he tells Percy Lenny fed the plate to a crocodile. Then Laura, Percy, and Lenny form an angry mob and confront him about blaming Laura and Lenny. When Junior tells a lie about alien cows coming to Earth and destroying the plate, which Percy likens to that movie he saw, the Fib grows to be a 50-foot tall giant who holds Junior prisoner and starts wreaking a quarter of havoc and destruction in the city.
Larry-Boy is then summoned and is forced to pursue the Fib and Junior in his Larry-Mobile as it tries to escape by climbing to the top of the 100-foot tall water tower. Larry-Boy transforms the Larry-Mobile into the Larry-Plane and flies into the indigo-colored sky. He then ejects above the Fib after funding out the Larry-plane is unarmed but is grabbed and squeezed until one of his plungers pops out. As the Fib starts to eat Larry-Boy as Larry-boy kicks and screams, Larry-Boy's butler, Alfred (Archibald Asparagus), informs him that Junior is the only one who can stop the Fib. Junior then admits the truth about his lies to his parents (who are watching from below) and as he tells the truth, the Fib shrinks into nothing but air. Junior then apologizes to his parents and everyone else. The episode ends with Larryboy watching another Fib landing.
Silly Song: Replaced with a Larry-Boy music video.
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