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smart short torso smol

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Youtube Thumbnail Get Shorter Neck/ Decrease Neck Height [Affirmation+Frequency] - INSTANT RESULTS
Get Shorter Neck/ Decrease Neck Height [Affirmation+Frequency] - INSTANT RESULTS
by Precious Subliminal Clinic
7:2 - 2,866 views

TO LOOP: Right Click Your Mouse and Select the Option LOOP, if you see a check mark by the right side of it(LOOP) then the video will automatically play in repeat for as long as you want. I hope this Helps :D


FAQ's about Subliminal Audios. . . Feel Free to Contribute if I missed some things to include there ^^

Listen to this subliminal audio at least an hour a day or more for faster results
IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: I totally suggest for you to listen to this subliminal audio overnight everyday to get desirable changes extremely fast! That is what I always do when I listen to subliminals :D Avoid listening to my subliminals below an hour per day because chances are you'll get slow results. Try to listen as many times as you can per day.

Benefits From this Subliminal Audio :

- shorter neck
- decrease neck height
- eliminate neck fat
- tone and shrink excess skin and loose skin on neck
- smoothen wrinkled neck skin
- healthy, smooth and youthful neck
- seductive and beautiful neck that will increase physical attractiveness

Please please share your results in the comment section if you ever see one so that others will know what to expect and what to do, and also for me to monitor my listeners behaviors so that I'll be able to make my subliminals more effective and faster in the future :D . . .It would mean a lot, thank you so much!
I’m so sorry but I won’t show the affirmations I made for this video because the way I made them differs real big from all subliminal makers, I use different construction and formulas to make results faster for the listeners. I can only show you all the amazing benefits you will get from this video. Thank you again. .

What is subliminal message?

A subliminal message is a signal or a message designed to pass below the normal limits of human perception.
Simply put, anything that sends you a message without your knowledge are usually picked up by your subconscious mind; Thus, called subliminal messages.

Listen to this subliminal audio at least an hour a day or more. The more you listen, the faster the results, so I suggest that you use this on loop while sleeping or doing some light activities.
You can do other things such as studying, doing household chores, eating and other light things besides riding vehicles and doing heavy machinery.
HEADPHONES,HEADSET, EARPHONES are required for faster results and for the message to sink in properly. And also because I use both silent subliminals and frequencies. Also drink a lot of water while you are listening at my subliminals.

When will I see results?

Results vary from person to person and because of that, results will be achieved within weeks or months depending on how much time you listen per day, your body size, the changes that needs to be altered and the way you perceive subliminal audios.
If your that skeptical or a hardcore pessimist, then it is possible that you will get gradual results and worse!. . . . not see any results at all . . .so be sure or at least try to be open minded about this field, be accepting, be patient, be positive for a week or so and you’ll get all the amazing benefits!

DISCLAIMER: this subliminal audio is not substitute for medical treatments
I do not own the picture, music and effects from this video but the subliminal affirmations and audios are all made by me.
Youtube Thumbnail Change your height to 4'10 subliminal
Change your height to 4'10 subliminal
by inactive channel
4:32 - 77,196 views

Relax while listening
Drink a lot of water
Listen at least 3 times a day
4'10=1,47 meters
Youtube Thumbnail Photographic Memory Subliminal | Superhuman Memory
Photographic Memory Subliminal | Superhuman Memory
9:7 - 241,919 views

This video has affirmations for
-photographic memory
-effortless memorization

Just listen to the audio, you can listen while doing other activities as well. Listen 3-6 times a Day. You will see noticeable changes in less than a month. Listen for upto 3 months to get the end result.

I have over 320 pending requests currently, For a priority request you can submit a donation at the link below. You will receive the high quality mp3 version within 48hrs of the donation.


1 Purpose Subliminal Request = 10$
2 Purpose Subliminal Request = 15$
3 Purpose Subliminal Request = 25$
Custom Subliminal Request (over 3 purposes) = Negotiable

Contact Me: Subliminalxsun@gmail.com

HOW SUBLIMINALS WORK: The subconscious mind is the part of our mind that records everything we experience, it holds our habits and beliefs that are programmed into us at an early age. The subconscious is programmed when we are kids, and then as we get older our conscious mind serves as a buffer to prevent things from constantly changing. This is why its so hard to change bad habits with conscious decisions to do so. The subconscious controls everything from our heartbeat, digestion, DNA, cell growth, bone growth, hair growth and much more. These are all things that happen without us commanding our body to do so.

There are affirmations playing underneath the music so that your conscious mind cannot hear and reject them. Once they bypass the conscious buffer they go right into the subconscious where they are acted on. With this method, we are essentially giving commands to the intelligence that unconsciously controls our body and our cells. This is how people are experiencing fast physical changes that normally would be impossible.
Youtube Thumbnail Be Sherlock Holmes | World Class Observation  & Deduction Skills
Be Sherlock Holmes | World Class Observation & Deduction Skills
by Black Sheep
4:41 - 43,354 views

Be Sherlock Holmes | World Class Observation & Deduction Skills


Headphones recommended

TEXT and AUDIO affirmations :

I am a great detective.
I have incredible reasoning skills.
I am a calculating machine.
My observation skills are out of this world.
I instantly assess any situation.
My deduction skills are out of this world.
My mind is incredibly precise.
My brain can compute anything.
I intuitively understand the psychology of people.
Solving enigmas is natural for me.
I am a genius.
My analytical skills are out of this world.
I am incredibly perceptive.
I am judicious.
I have a rational mind.
I am impartial.
I am always alert.
I have a sixth sense.
I see everything.
I am incredibly strong.
My analytical skills are out of this world.
I am incredibly discerning.
I am always level headed.
I instantly evaluate any situation.
I am incredibly clairvoyant.
I am clear-sighted.
I always know what is going on.
No one can hide anything from me.
I am a visionary.
I easily profile people.
I see through the facade of other people.
I am physically fit.
I am a natural detective.
I have a brilliant mind.
I am a logician.
I am incredibly astute.
I easily solve any problem.
My ability to concentrate is out of this world.
I am detail-oriented.
I am naturally curious.
I like to figure out things.
I easily defeat my opponents.
I have a powerful intuition.
I see even the smallest details.
My strength is out of this world.
I can concentrate intensely for hours.
I have a logical mind.
I am incredibly intelligent.
I am well-spoken.
I embody logical thinking.
I embody ingenuity.
I embody concentration.
I embody discernment.
I embody precision.
I embody rationality.
Why are my observation skills so sharp ?
Why am I so great at deduction ?
Why do I assess any situation instantly ?
Why am I so detail-oriented ?

Music by ItsJimmis

All Rights Reserved to the companies/artists for the images used in this video.

Remember to like, share and subscribe !

Thanks for watching )
Youtube Thumbnail BL Sherlock Holmes  (Subliminal)
BL Sherlock Holmes (Subliminal)
by Mind Factory
3:2 - 1,331 views

Subliminal to achieve the intelligence of Sherlock holmes

Listen 6 times a day for a month to see results.

Headphone/earphones recommended but not necessary

The subliminal message are masked behind the music. The reason is the messages will fall deeply in your subconscious so you can achieve changes.

Check out this link to get more information about supernatural reflexes.
Youtube Thumbnail Become Supernaturally Intelligent - Speed Learning - Subliminal Affirmations
Become Supernaturally Intelligent - Speed Learning - Subliminal Affirmations
by Melly Subs
10:47 - 124,786 views

This subliminal request is designed to make you supernaturally intelligant. Increase your IQ. Get a photographic/audiographic memory. Easily learn anything. Absorb information at a rapid rate.

Can you multi task? It really depends on everyone if you still get results multi tasking go for it! Some respond more when they arent multi tasking, its different for everyone. This is really up to you. Visualization will really help! Drink water in between subs. If you feel stressed, try using a binural beat before listening :)
Thank you for watching


Listen atleast 2-3 times and up to 6

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMT3JAnudrI
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