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erection simulation testosterion

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Youtube Thumbnail Powerful Testosterone Booster Subliminal
Powerful Testosterone Booster Subliminal
by HypnoDaddy
7:31 - 210,820 views

This is a requested subliminal.

This subliminal contents positive suggestions for:
- Produce massive testosterone
- Increase power and strength
- unlimited energy
- Regenerate muscles
- Quickly recover from injuries
- Become dominant alpha
- Dominate every area of life
- Produce more HGH (human growth hormone)
- More youthful enthusiasm
- Burn fat
- Faster and permanent results

Dear friends, I am receiving too many comments, it is not possible to reply every comment, please do not mind if I couldn't reply your message.

There are more than 400 pending requests so please do not send new requests because it is not possible to make video on every request. There are more than 250 videos on this channel and I am adding new subliminal regularly. Sooner or later you will get the subliminal you want, please be patient.

(There are more than 400 pending requests. If you want Subliminal in 24 hours then please visit my website for more details.)

For common questions read FAQ on my website.

- For custom subliminal: http://hypnodaddy.com
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/HypnoDaddy9
- Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/hypnodaddy

Binaural beat 4Hz

This recording is designed to engage your conscious and subconscious mind to get the changes you desire faster.

It is important to use headphones while listening to this recording because different messages are delivered to your left and right ears which will make your subconscious more receptive.

If you find this subliminal helpful then please Like and Share..!

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Photo credit: Photo belongs to respective owner.

DISCLAIMER: This video is not a substitute for medical treatment!
Youtube Thumbnail SUPER WHORE Maker-SUBLIMINAL HYPNOSIS (long version)
by nadjyax
30:54 - 148,913 views

This a long version subliminal hypnosis,the slide show contains some subliminal images too : you can watch & listen , or just listen.
- Listen before you go to bed,cause frequencies make you sleepy.
- Do not listen while doing tasks that require focus (like driving).
- Libido enhancer effect for those who suffer frigidity.
- Works as mind breaker for young men.
- Get addicted to sex as woman or transgender.
- Not suitable for men who dont want to lose their manhood.
- Feel free to download the video &/or the mp3.

-Share & subscribe.
Good Luck
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Youtube Thumbnail WARNING! Powerful Handsfree Orgasm Binaural Beats! Sex Stimulating Lust Endorphin Release
WARNING! Powerful Handsfree Orgasm Binaural Beats! Sex Stimulating Lust Endorphin Release
by Vido James Delgrosso
30:5 - 4,882,358 views

Download at Google Play: http://tinyurl.com/handsfreegoogle
Download at Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/handsfreeamazon

This one will make you feel good! Binaural and Isochronic Beats with a focus on lust, sexuality and endorphin release. The main frequency of this meditation is 73.6 Hz, which is believed to have a stimulating effect on the genitals.

Used frequencies:

73.6 Hz for its effect on the genitals
111 Hz for endorphin release
221.23 Hz for feelings of sensuality
586 Hz for circulation and sex

Binaural beats used:

12 Hz centering doorway to all other frequencies
7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance (Earth grounding)
4.5 Hz Theta waves to stimulate fantasy, imagery, creativity etc.
2.36 Hz also related to the genitals

This meditation is very pure, however, I ‘enriched’ these binaural beats with some stimulating background noises (after 5 minutes). I’m not gonna promise you a dozen of orgasms but this meditation sure has all the ingredients you need to give it a try. If you can relax you’ll probably (at least) feel aroused, excited, positive, stimulated. With a little practice you might touch the sky :)

Enjoy the ride an please use the comment section to share your experiences. Cheers!
Youtube Thumbnail STRONG ERECTIONS ►Orgasm Trigger◄ - Subliminal Frequencies - Hands Free Binaural Tones
STRONG ERECTIONS ►Orgasm Trigger◄ - Subliminal Frequencies - Hands Free Binaural Tones
by SSEM Binaural-Sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation
10:3 - 196,487 views

SSEM Binaural (Sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation)
♥♥♥Be Part Of Our Movement! Share, Like And Subscribe♥♥♥

Sexual audio stimulation for strong erections induction and hands free orgasms! Experience arousal and erotic pleasure with modified binaural delta, alpha, gamma and beta waves, mixed with isochronic tones, isochronic pulses and subliminal erotical music for inducing strong erections and hands free orgasms by targeting the genitals and increase blood flow + circulation in this area. This video is also very helpful for the cure and healing of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Open yourself to a better, enhanced life through our binaural tones and audio meditation projects♥♥♥

Our Sexual Stimulation And Erotic Meditation Channel is covering the area of erotic brainwave entrainment and genital stimulation, testosterone boost and release, hands free orgasms, sexual pleasure and erotic audio stories and journies, the cure and healing of sexual problems like penis enlargement and breast enlargement, and in general the field of love, erotic, and sexuality arousal meditation and stimulation. For this purpose, we create sexual isochronic tones and erotic binaural beats videos using specific binaural brainwave frequencies from the whole hz spectrum of epsilon waves, delta waves, theta 1 waves, theta 2 waves, alpha waves, beta waves, gamma waves, high beta waves and even beyond this point. Our sexual and erotic free binaural beats and free isochronic tones projects with brainwave entrainment technology will surely suit your wishes and demands♥♥♥

With our free binaural beats and free isochronic tones, it is possible to create any emotion and enhance and boost any kind of mental ability and the connected physical effects through brainwave entrainment, a technique, that works with different sound frequencies. The frequency send to the left ear is slightly different to the frequency send to the right ear. Our mind and brain balances this difference and creates a tone that we hear in the middle of our head. Those brainwaves replicate and mimic natural frequencies the brain produces when fulfilling tasks and activites. Also when we feel emotion of any kind, our brain releases measurable hz waves that can be replicated through binaural beats and isochronic tones to stimulate the mind and increase brain activity♥♥♥

In our projects, we cover the whole spectrum of binaural frequencies, ranging from the epsilon and low delta 0 - 4 hz area to theta 1+2 brainwaves of 4 - 6,5 hz and 6,5 - 8 hz, followed by alpha 8 - 12 hz frequencies and beta brainwaves consisting of 12 - 30 hz waves. We also discover gamma frequencies between 30 - 100 hz and the high beta range up to 500 hz and even beyond this point. All Videos of our free binaural beats and free isochronic tones series are produced in high quality. Be excited for an interesting journey of your brain and mind♥♥♥

☊❀!Please enjoy with headphones!❀ ☊
♥Use at your own risk♥

This video is created by myself. Occasionally, some free-to-use material is included.
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