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subliminal for me (mostly ulzzang)

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Youtube Thumbnail Lose Weight & Become Supernaturally Beautiful Subliminal
Lose Weight & Become Supernaturally Beautiful Subliminal
by HypnoDaddy
9:1 - 1,015,746 views

This is a custom subliminal ordered by someone from my website. That person allowed me to publish this subliminal on my channel so that everyone could get the benefit of this subliminal.
I am thankful for her generous heart!!!

- Look beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, stunning
- Regain beauty you have lost
- Have a beautiful slim face
- Symmetric photogenic face
- Look extremely fit
- Become flexible, slim and fit
- Look extremely attractive
- Have a sexy, slim defined feminine slim jawline, and chin
- Attractive and perfect jawline contour
- Smooth, tight, even tone, healthy and beautiful skin
- Clear complexion
- Strong, beautiful and healthy hair
- Perfect health and strong immune system
- Naturally lose weight
- Speed up metabolism
- Extremely rapid weight loss
- Lose excess fat and water weight
- Achieve your ideal weight
- Hourglass figure
- Always stay at your ideal weight
- Release and clear all blockages
- Flush out toxins
- Get rid of junk food cravings
- Eat healthy food that helps you to get slim
- Workout motivation
- Turbo fast results

Photo credit: Photo belongs to respective owner
Music by: Udayan

Dear friends, I am receiving hundreds of comments and messages everyday, it is not possible to reply every message, please do not mind if I couldn't reply your message.

There are 700+ pending requests so please do not send new requests. There are more than 300 videos on this channel and I am adding new subliminal regularly. Sooner or later you will get the subliminal you want, please be patient.

For common questions read FAQ on my website.

- For custom subliminal: http://hypnodaddy.com
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/HypnoDaddy9
- Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/hypnodaddy

Binaural beat 4Hz

This recording is designed to engage your conscious and subconscious mind to get the changes you desire faster.

It is important to use headphones while listening to this recording because different messages are delivered to your left and right ears which will make your subconscious more receptive.

If you find this subliminal helpful then please Like and Share..!

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DISCLAIMER: This video is not a substitute for medical treatment!
Youtube Thumbnail Ethereal Beauty - Become Extremely Beautiful - Subliminal Messages
Ethereal Beauty - Become Extremely Beautiful - Subliminal Messages
by Melly Subs
5:47 - 690,371 views

This subliminal transforms you to look like a much more beautiful version of yourself! It uses the energy of the universe to give you fast results!

Listen 3-10 times a day for MAXIMUM results


My body is now ready for maximum change
I now ask my body permission to change
My body now gives itself permission to change
I now ask the universe to allow my body to change
The universe now allows my body to change
I now ask my DNA to change
My DNA now gives itself permission to change
The energy of the universe instantly makes me more beautiful as I listen to these affirmations
I am extremely beautiful
My beauty is ethereal
My beauty is otherworldly
My face is perfectly symmetrical
My body is perfectly symmetrical
My eyes are extremely attractive
My eyes now change to be extremely feminine
My eyes are captivating and mesmerizing
My eyes are youthful and wrinkle-free
The skin around my eyes is bright, even, and wrinkle-free
My irises are bright and beautiful
My eyelashes are extremely long black and thick
My eyelashes are extremely attractive
My eyelashes now grow and thicken to the most desirable length and thickness
My eyebrows are perfectly sized and shaped
My nose is now transforming to be the perfect shape and size
My nose is now transforming to be perfectly feminine
My nose now looks attractive on my face
My nose now has a perfectly shaped tip
My nose now has a perfect feminine bridge
My nose now has the perfect wideness
Any unattractive dorsal humps now change to have the perfect feminine nose bridge
My nasal septum is perfectly straight and allows me to breath air properly
My lips now change to have the perfect shade of rosy pink
Any discolouration on my lips now disappear
My lips have a perfectly shaped cupid’s bow
My lip size now changes to have the most attractive and feminine size
My lips now change to have the most attractive and feminine shape
My lips are plump and as soft as velvet
My lips are always hydrated, smooth, and moisturized
My chin is perfectly and femininely shaped
My cheekbones now transform to the most attractive and feminine size and shape
My cheekbones have the most attractive placement
My maxilla is perfectly sized and shaped and feminine
My maxilla Is now brought forward to give me the most attractive face, eyes, and smile
My jawline is perfectly shaped and beautiful
My jawline is perfectly feminine and attractive
I have an extremely attractive and feminine neck
My neck is now transforming to be extremely feminine and beautiful
My collarbone now transforms to be extremely feminine and beautiful
My collarbone is mesmerizing and attractive
I am developing the most gorgeous dimples on my cheeks.
I am now developing and manifesting beautiful facial cheek dimples.
My face cheek dimples are adorable and cute.
My facial cheek dimples are charming and elegant.
My zygomaticus major muscles transform to manifest cheek dimples.
I now develop a bifid zygomaticus major muscles.
I now develop a double zygomaticus major muscles.
My facial cheeks are now changing and transforming to manifest cheek dimples.
My zygomatic bones transform to manifest cheek dimples.
My malar bones transform to manifest cheek dimples.
My DNA safely changes to manifest cheek dimples.
My cheek dimples go perfectly with my gorgeous face.
My cheek dimples look incredible when I smile.
My cheek dimples are stunning and alluring.
My cheek dimples significantly improve my appearance.
My cheek dimples are profoundly attractive.
My cheek dimples are perfectly noticeable and pronounced.
I am manifesting gorgeous cheek dimples as fast as safely possible.
My cheek dimples are manifesting into the most attractive size and shape.
I am manifesting the exact dimple size and shape I desire.
My facial cheek dimples are manifesting exactly how I desire them to.
My facial cheek dimples look just like I desire them to.
Any unattractive fat on my face now burns off and disappears
Any unattractive fat on my neck and collarbones and shoulders now burns off and disappears
My skin is perfectly tight
Any loose skin now immediately tightens up
My hands and feet are extremely beautiful and feminine
My nails are soft and strong and attractive
I now have perfectly shaped and aligned straight white teeth
My beauty is legendary
My beauty is never forgotten
I now use the essence of life to look forever youthful and beautiful
I am gorgeous and extremely desirable
Everyone loves the way I look
I love how beautiful I am
The universe makes me more beautiful everyday
My beauty is mysterious, elegant, and charming
I am extremely photogenic and videogenic
I look amazing and beautiful in photos and selfies
I look amazing and beautiful in videos
My DNA now changes to fulfill these affirmations
All desirable changes are now deeply embedded in my DNA
All desirable changes are now permanent
All desirable affirmations are now deeply ingrained in my mind
Plus "you" and "your" affirmations
Youtube Thumbnail The Booster From The Future - Get the Results Of 1 Year In 1 Day - Subliminal Affirmations
The Booster From The Future - Get the Results Of 1 Year In 1 Day - Subliminal Affirmations
by Royal Subliminals
10:25 - 1,061,150 views

this is a powerful advanced booster. if you listen to a subliminal for 1 day you will get the results as if you had listened to that subliminal for 1 full year
affirmations includes:
👑advanced booster from the future
👑powerful flusher ( negative affirmations only or secret unwanted affirmations)
👑ask your body for permission
👑Law of attraction
👑blockages removal
👑HyperBolic time Chamber ( example 1min= 8 hrs)
👑 Get results from your future self
👑 Positive changes
👑 Desired Reality
👑 Higher self connection
👑 be extremely suggestible (1hr )
👑 accelerator
👑get rid of resistances
👑stop self sabotage
👑Release any negativity
👑karmic debt removal
👑emotional pain removal
👑powerful belief

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/156774491680760/

Thank you Taos W. For your music
listen as much as you want
please subscribe for more royal subliminals 👑
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Youtube Thumbnail ❛❛Become an Ultimate Dancer Subliminal❞
❛❛Become an Ultimate Dancer Subliminal❞
by —ivy
5:1 - 83,622 views

[ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ɪᴠɪᴇs! ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʙᴇʟᴏᴡ! ]

[ ᴅᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ ] :

• Become a better dancer, have better memory and have good flexibility skills

[ ᴅᴇᴛᴀɪʟs ] :

• Have excellent, smooth flow to rhythm of the music ; be able to move freely and effortlessly with the music beat, become aware and sense when the music is going to change speed/tempo/beat/rhythm, perfectly and instantly move your body at the correct time with the music
• Have extraordinary dancing skills ; be able to flawlessly dance to any genre, be able to express your creativity and emotions just by dancing, be able to impress anyone by your dance moves, be able to dance with anyone of your choice, remove any stiffness when dancing/performing/practising
• Have an astounding dance ability ; posess high level of expertise in dancing, capability of shocking anyone who views your dance moves, transform into a very outstanding and talented expert of dancing, instantly become a much more experienced and professional dancer
• Maintain a calm and relaxed aura when dancing ; always be able to be confident when dancing and practising, be relaxed and comfortable when your body moves to the music, become better at performing, have more confidence in your performance
• Instantly learn any choreography ; be able to remember any steps when dancing and practising, recover and recall any step with perfect accuracy, be able to memorize and remember any dance move with great details
• Become remarkably creative at producing dance ideas ; be able to make great dance steps perfectly, instantly manifest any dance moves of your own, develop immense creativity when making dance moves, be capable of creating any dance step with magnificent originality and artistry
• Have immense flexibility ; be able to perform any complex stretches, become exceedingly flexible, be able to stretch your body like a rubber band, have amazing agility, be able to balance your body like a pro, have amazingly fast reflexes, gain better stamina, have adoptive muscle capability and memory, have healthy body joints, never have pain in any body area

[ ɴᴏᴛᴇs ] :

• Requests are currently closed
• All affirmations are positive
• My subliminals are downloadable
• Listen to my subliminals at a 40-70% volume

[ ᴛɪᴘs ] :

• Use a strong booster
• Visualize and meditate
• Listen 30-60 minutes a day
• Use blockage removers

[ ᴍᴜsɪᴄ ᴜsᴇᴅ ] :

• Jordan Maxwell - Unlimited
• Tomppabeats - Rain Puddle
Youtube Thumbnail forced ulzzang face - j subliminal
forced ulzzang face - j subliminal
by J Subliminals
9:45 - 119,959 views

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* J Subliminals *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAsBFTfn35E // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8Bpg9uW_eE // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtZqFDAdT5s // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfApCbekcSw

♡━━━━what you get━━━━♡
✧ Safely forced
✧ Mini Booster
✧ Oval head
✧ V shaped jaw/jawline/head
✧ Pointy/slim chin
✧ Small jawline
✧ Small face
✧ Puffy and cute cheeks
✧ Get rid of double chin
✧ Slim neck
✧ Cute small ears
✧ Cute nose
✧ Upturned nose
✧ Low nose bridge
✧ Slim/thin nose
✧ Thin pointed nasal tip
✧ Reduced alar base
✧ Small nostrils
✧ Straight, thick, black, cute, and innocent eyebrows
✧ Eyebrow lift
✧ Monolids
✧ Puffy monolids
✧ Cute, doe, and big eyes
✧ Long, black, and thick eyelashes
✧ Puffy tear bags
✧ Slightly puffy eyelids
✧ Plump, soft, smooth, even, hydrated, and naturally red lips
✧ Soft, smooth, even, flawless, clear, perfect, glass, airbrushed, and radiant skin
✧ Rosy cheeks
✧ Be extremely cute
✧ Have an extremely cute face
✧ Symmetrical face
✧ Get rid of discoloration in skin
✧ Get rid of imperfections
✧ Get rid of hyperpigmentation in skin
✧ Get rid of acne
✧ Get rid of moles
✧ Perfect teeth
✧ Extremely white and bright teeth
✧ Perfectly straight teeth
✧ Cute smile
✧ Be extremely photogenic
✧ Extremely cute side profile
✧ Looking into the mirror speeds up your results
✧ Get results whenever you drink water, breathe, talk, eat, move, exercise and sleep
✧ Only get the results you desire
✧ Feel tingles, best results, full results, complete results, allowing body to change, permanent results, healthy body, healthy mind, immediate results when you look into the mirror, immediate results after you listen one time, super fast results and the fastest results
✧ Water is your bestfriend!
✧ The longer you listen, the faster the results. 20-30 minutes is desired.
✧ Close your eyes and meditate to get in a calm zone.
✧ Listen overnight if you can.
✧ Boosters are your second bestfriend!
✧ A negative attitude can slow down results, so try to be be positive!

- J ʕ´•o•`ʔ
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