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current booster bundle yo
by mercury76_

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Youtube Thumbnail 【 milkeutea's blockage remover and intense affirmation booster ୨♡୧ subliminal 】
【 milkeutea's blockage remover and intense affirmation booster ୨♡୧ subliminal 】
by — milkeutea
9:59 - 189,089 views

୨♡୧ f e a t u r e s :

♡ every aspect of change (emotional, physical, etc) is now becoming easier to change
♡ remove subconscious blockages preventing fast, quick results
♡ gain results instantly and/or the very next day
♡ remove mental blockages restricting you from results

♥ n o t e s ♥

♡ wear headphones/earphones while listening
♡ all of my subliminals are available for download
♡ non-English speakers can listen if they understand most of the English language
♡ to tell if two subliminals clash, examine the description and what it does and if they contrast deeply they do indeed clash together
♡ you can listen while sleeping and doing anything else but it's best not to listen while doing something with intense focus (ex: operating a car)
♡ you should listen to the subliminal 2-6 times daily for the best results
♡ im currently no longer accepting requests
♡ subliminals are the affirmations masked behind the music to manifest changes in our physical/mental through our subconscious mind that controls every aspect of the human body

♡♡♡ milkeutea: "you can listen before, during, and after playlist if needed. (no need for an answer) but doesn't it suck when someone steals your entire description?"
Youtube Thumbnail subliminal flush  ✩  subliminal
subliminal flush ✩ subliminal
by m. // sushibcu
2:12 - 154,201 views

Momo's Benefits ༄
━━✩ ⁏ subliminal flush

◍ affirmations from desired results remain in subconscious
◍ keep all current desired results
◍ all previous affirmations gone
◍ rid of unused and unwanted affirmations
◍ easily and quickly absorb affirmations like a sponge
◍ rid of all blockages
◍ rid of any negative affirmations
◍ rid of affirmations that took no effect
◍ stronger and more powerful subconscious
◍ extremely fast results from desired subliminals
◍ replenish mind
◍ speed up results
◍ rid of any clutters
◍ reverse undesired results / all undesired results gone
◍ refreshed subconscious mind
◍ release any negative eagerly
◍ keep and preserve any wanted subliminal results
◍ flush all unwanted affirmations
◍ stay consistent with subliminals

notes ⁏ ㇱ
⁰¹ you will only manifest the results you desire
⁰² permanent and safe results
⁰³ includes exaggerated affirmations for a powerful and faster effect
⁰⁴ booster / instant results is included
⁰⁵ drink plenty of water
⁰⁶ have the volume at 20-60%

˗ˏˋ requests are open ˎˊ˗
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ please comment requests

IG 〳 @sushibcu
Youtube Thumbnail _malibus forced crystal accelerator (REUPLOAD)
_malibus forced crystal accelerator (REUPLOAD)
by solar subliminals
2: - 46,862 views

💎get fast results from all and any types of subliminals you listen to
💎all subliminals always currently work for you
💎every time you eat, drink, sleep, blink, inhale, exhale, write, read, thinking, and talking your subliminal results are boosted
💎instantly manifest full complete results from any affirmations by writing them
💎wake up with everything you desire in all aspects of yourself and your life
💎have extremely super fast, instant, immediate, incredibly, definite, results
💎always instantly have full success in all that you do
💎have the results of years worth of subliminal listening (have the results of someone who has listened to subliminals for years)
💎accept and manifest affirmations with the same power as multiple lifetimes of subliminal listening
💎have full complete subliminal results after listening to all subliminals just one time
💎have extremely lifelong lasting changes and results permanently
💎conscious mind is currently bypassed to access your subconscious mind to manifest all these affirmations
💎any time you listen to subliminals your conscious mind is completely bypassed and affirmations go straight to your subconscious
💎with any actions you do, the benefits boost your subliminal results
💎automatically have full complete subliminal results even if you have read, written or know the affirmations
💎all combo subliminals work extremely faster than single topic subliminals (optional)
💎have full subliminal results just by thinking of the subliminals you are using just once
💎after looking at the affirmations to a subliminal you want results from just once, your subconscious mind automatically gives you desired results of that said subliminal instantly
💎have the ability to listen to different subliminals with the same topic and have full complete results
💎have full complete subliminal
💎have full complete final and permanent subliminal results
💎one exact time of my mystery duration multiplied by my mystery duration is worth another mystery number of listening to subliminals and gives the equivalent complete results
💎mind, body, subconscious and conscious mind are now currently and perfectly connect together to bring extremely faster
💎automatically transform according to these affirmations
End Results
💎only get your exact wanted results
💎only get what you truly want according to your will
💎subliminal affirmations only affect you positively and beneficially

DNA Benefits
💎all your desired physical results and changes are perfectly coded in your genes, genotypes, phenotypes, and traits
💎be a master at controlling your DNA to be exactly how you want
💎be able to use focused thoughts to control and alter your DNA
💎all your results are currently safely and immediately programmed and coded in your DNA
💎DNA is currently coded to have all my exact desired features down to the deepest string level

Health Benefits
💎always react positively to all and any subliminals
💎when listening to subliminals you always instantly feel extremely pleasurable and satisfying tingles on your body and the effected areas
💎all the cells of your body are now perfectly completely healed and restored to maximum health and proficiency
💎have an extremely healthy subonscious mind
💎body/mind is currently completely healthy internally/externally
💎body and mind is now completely purified and restored to maximum health
💎currently have pristine mental health
💎have, embody, radiate and embrace ‎my overflowing abundance of self worth, self acceptance, and self love
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