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Lose weight while sleeping

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Youtube Thumbnail Stomach Shrinking and Toning (Psychic/Morphic programmed audio)
Stomach Shrinking and Toning (Psychic/Morphic programmed audio)
by Sapien Medicine
9:7 - 497,378 views

This audio is made so that while you listen, the combination of programming will actively work on your abdominal muscles while targeting the fat in your stomach and hips and also induce apoptosis in them. (so the fat cells are actively destroyed)
This version is meant to replace and upgrade the previous version.
Use as often as you need.
Do not over use as you can strain the muscles in your stomach.
It will also help with creating more muscle definition in the abdominal areas
Youtube Thumbnail Super Metabolism Boost and Weight Loss with Cellulite Reduction (Psychic/Morphic energy programmed)
Super Metabolism Boost and Weight Loss with Cellulite Reduction (Psychic/Morphic energy programmed)
by Sapien Medicine
10:1 - 1,855,138 views

You can expect a huge boost in your metabolism and accelerated weight loss by listening to this video. This video contains the energetic signature and morphegenic field of chlorogenic acid. Listening to this causes your body to generate chlorogenic acid which inhibits fat and sugar absorption along with Lipolysis (which is the breakdown of lipids; it involves the hydrolysis of triglycerides into free fatty acids) There are also morphegenic fields to help generate a higher metabolism. Also included are subliminal and supraliminal programming to create that mindset and tell your body to lose weight, burn fat and also to help with cellulite reduction. Listen as often as you want, until you see the results you need.
Youtube Thumbnail The Booster From The Parallel Universe-Get Results From Your Alternate Self-Subliminal Affirmations
The Booster From The Parallel Universe-Get Results From Your Alternate Self-Subliminal Affirmations
by Royal Subliminals
10:5 - 296,608 views

this subliminal booster will give you the successful results of your alternate self from another universe
affirmations includes:
đź‘‘get successful positive subliminal results from your alternate self from another universe
đź‘‘break the laws of physics
đź‘‘LOA 1000x more powerful
đź‘‘break the veil of reality
đź‘‘get the results as if you were listening to a subliminal for 100000 lives
đź‘‘results every time you breathe,speak,sleep,think,blink
đź‘‘subconscious repeats the affirmations unstoppable for 24/7 until they become a reality. ( only positive affirmations from subliminals)
đź‘‘blockages removal
đź‘‘immune to slow results
đź‘‘results faster than quantum entanglement
đź‘‘unlock your DNA potentials
đź‘‘all your atoms are changing at the speed of quantum entanglement
đź‘‘subconscious receptiveness for 1 hour + automatically activates while you are sleeping
đź‘‘black hole energy
đź‘‘level up ( next evolution of humankind)
đź‘‘omnipotent subconscious
đź‘‘you get results faster than Planck time
đź‘‘your subconscious minds commands your body and your life for changes unstoppable until they become a reality
đź‘‘energy from all sides of dimension
đź‘‘divine light
đź‘‘unlock your soul potential
đź‘‘negative energy remove
đź‘‘source energy
đź‘‘higher self connection
đź‘‘raise your vibration
đź‘‘spiritual awakening
đź‘‘karma cleanse
đź‘‘increase vibrational energy
đź‘‘big bang manifesting energy ( manifest results with a power similar to that of big bang )
đź‘‘AI. removal
đź‘‘perfect life
đź‘‘get rid of self sabotage
đź‘‘you get results 100000000000000000000000000 googolplexian faster than big bang
đź‘‘achieve your goals and your dreams
đź‘‘you get results every time a human on earth is breathing
đź‘‘connection with the whole existence
đź‘‘and much much more

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/156774491680760/

listen at least 2-3 times a day
Youtube Thumbnail Fat Burning Genetic Advantage (energetically programmed audio)
Fat Burning Genetic Advantage (energetically programmed audio)
by Sapien Medicine
8:53 - 461,848 views

The programming (morpic and energetic) on this video will work towards inactivating the IRX3 and IRX5 genes, these genes basically tell to body to store energy as fat, and does so effectively.
By inactivating these two, the fat cells become energy burners and do not store the energy (as fat). So in effect, it will make your existing fat cells more like brown or biege fat cells, instead of white fat cells.
In this way, your body will naturally drop weight, you may even over time find it difficult to even put on weight.
Youtube Thumbnail Extreme Fat Burn: Thermogenic Weight Loss (psychic/morphic energy programmed)
Extreme Fat Burn: Thermogenic Weight Loss (psychic/morphic energy programmed)
by Sapien Medicine
8: - 623,328 views

This audio promotes extreme weight loss through the process of thermogenesis, increasing leptin levels and shrinking the size of the stomach.

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process during which your body burns calories to produce heat. Several factors induce thermogenesis in your body including exercise, diet and environmental temperature. Thermogenesis promotes weight loss because it increases your body's calorie burn.

This audio activates both Ucp1 and Ucp2 (thermogenin proteins) which causes brown fat in your body to produce heat and this production of heat causes fat loss. In addition, the audio also works on increasing leptin levels which is the hormone that tells you you're full. With leptin levels that are too low, you can eat and eat and eat and still be hungry. This audio’s morphogenic field also work on shrinking to actual size of your stomach.

"Eternity" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Youtube Thumbnail Automated Workout System (energetic and morphic programming in audio)
Automated Workout System (energetic and morphic programming in audio)
by Sapien Medicine
10:12 - 238,163 views

A team at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Fla., reported that a compound they had created and injected into obese mice increased activation of a protein called REV-ERB, which is known to partially control animals’ circadian rhythms and internal biological clocks.
Unexpectedly, the treated mice also began using more oxygen throughout the day and expending about 5 percent more energy than untreated mice, even though they were not moving about more than the other animals.The drug, it seemed, was providing them with a workout, minus the effort.

The fields in this audio, will work towards doing the same for you. (It activates and stimulates both Rev-erbα and Rev-erbβ throughout your body but mainly in the muscles)
It will also increase the natural amount of irisin in your body, which is something that increases in your body with the more exercise you do.
All these will work together to provide you with a system to give you a workout, without having to physically do much.

Preview Art by
Ares Schizas
Youtube Thumbnail The Super Human Mutant (energy and morphic energy programmed)
The Super Human Mutant (energy and morphic energy programmed)
by Sapien Medicine
8:12 - 166,090 views

So this creation allows you to experience some key mutations (in my opinion)
to understand the feeling of being a super human.
This does not cause a permanent change as it is an energy simulant and the effects usually lasts around 17-20 hours.
The mutations and modifications are as follows,

overexpression of sirt3 by a factor of 3
This effectively 'detoxes' and reduces ROS effects in your mitochondria.

Function production of vitamin c, we have a defective gene for our own Vitamin C production,
This allows you to feel the effects of a functional one.

Pepck-cmus emzyne concentrated in muscle tissue.
In short this increases mitochondria in muscle tissue, allowing far more power and endurance
than humanly possible

Amblox gene and overexpression of it 10
This gene is encoded by atoxyl salamander, which allows them to regenerate any part of their body.

Finally a modification of mitochondria by adding a Rhodopsin protien to it, which basically allows to use light as an energy source for your body.
Yes you are feeding on light.

This is not offered on items if you are buying fields,
In the mean while, enjoy the experience and imagine the possibilites.
Youtube Thumbnail Collagen Booster
Collagen Booster
by Sapien Medicine
10:2 - 849,018 views

The frequencies encoded along with energetic/morphic field programming in this video will cause your body and skin cells to increase its natural collagen production, resulting in a younger looking you with diminished wrinkles and other age related problems. (with skin). Its all natural and cost free. You can look at it as often as you wish for faster results.
(recommended twice daily)
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