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by Lol

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Youtube Thumbnail ASMR Sksk, Shhh, Breathing, Mic Cover, Face Touching in the Rain 🌧️
ASMR Sksk, Shhh, Breathing, Mic Cover, Face Touching in the Rain 🌧️
by Caroline ASMR
20:48 - 278,154 views

Hey Carobears :) Do you guys love the sound of rain? ☔ I think it's soooo calming 💙 This video includes a layer of rain sounds, a little semi-inaudible whispering, mic cover and breathing sounds (these remind me of thunder with the combination of the rain ⛈️), sksk/ksks, shhhh, and gentle face touching :). Some of you guys asked me to bring back the dark background, and since the one I was using doesn't fit in my current recording space, I found this new one which is glittery and covered in velvetty sequins ✨ I hope you like it as much as I do and that it'll be more conducive to sleep and tingles :). Sweet Dreams and a big bearhug 🐻

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🌙 Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/carolineasmr
📷 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolineasmr/
🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/caroline_asmr
🎧 Audio downloads: https://gumroad.com/l/eEDxg

Youtube Thumbnail [ADVANCED] The Best Binaural Beats for a Deep Sleep (90-Minute Sleep Cycle)
[ADVANCED] The Best Binaural Beats for a Deep Sleep (90-Minute Sleep Cycle)
by Jody Hatton's Videos
30:1 - 2,113,111 views

** PLEASE NOTE: If you're new to binaural beats, I highly recommend my "beginner" track: http://bit.ly/binauralbeginner
Continue watching this video at your own risk!

** DOWNLOAD all my binaural beat content here: http://bit.ly/bestbinaural

** NO SOUND? Stereo headphones are REQUIRED!

** DISABLE any filters on your device (DTS, surround enhancers, bass boost, etc) as they will interfere with proper audio playback.

By popular demand, here's a longer binaural beat video designed to help you get an even BETTER sleep than the last one! :)

This video is designed to help you fall asleep quickly, and sleep as deeply as possible, for one full sleep cycle.

Sleep cycles vary in length from person to person, but are generally 90 minutes in length. After that, you can take off your headphones, roll onto your side (or whatever makes you happy) and enjoy an excellent night of natural sleep.

I personally can't sleep with headphones for an entire 6-8 hours, but if you really want a super-long track I can make you one... :)

Over the course of the night, the first sleep cycle is usually the deepest, with most body repair and release of growth hormone occurring while the brain is in the deep Delta state. To help you get as many of those positive benefits as possible, this track goes all the way down to 0.2 Hz.

** DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, just a nerd who loves meditation and experimenting with new things. I test every binaural beat track on myself and make sure I'm happy with the result before I make it public. Ultimately, every person is going to have their own unique experience. Using this track is done at your own risk -- if you start to experience any negative effects, STOP using it!
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