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MashupCop Big Mashup
by WarrenGavin4

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Youtube Thumbnail Mashupcop 3
Mashupcop 3
by g0urra
3:59 - 10,098 views

What do you get when you combine 6 high pitched tracks?
I know there are more vids but this is my mashup and I'm not a playlist, so fuck me right?

"PewDieCop III" by huma139 https://youtu.be/P_BK_168mwM
"Robocop H3H3" by Delly II https://youtu.be/AvZdKJ8CxN4
"Robocop Nine-Nine" by Robyn https://youtu.be/FjodJfH_OoA

"RoboTron III" by Blizzy Mez https://youtu.be/yyRsev9aQkw
"Psycho Cop 3" by Dilipine https://youtu.be/h23Usn-mg20
"Robomax" by NyanCatSas https://youtu.be/orKdjczThfw

BGM: Robocop 3 - Title Remix - Alien / Jeroen Tel's https://youtu.be/Q9ISOiH8ZnA

Youtube Thumbnail Nerd III
Nerd III
3:57 - 3,695 views

After a week of work, 4 hours of rendering and 3 hours of uploading, here's my big project.
Thanks AppleWorks and Kem for the help.
No Bgm
The song is Robocop3 / Alien
Youtube Thumbnail OdorCop 3
OdorCop 3
by hoo hoo
3:58 - 2,504 views

Inspired by Robbi

originally had a lot more interesting visuals, but rendering issues made me recreate simple ones
Youtube Thumbnail [YTPMV] RoboSpong3 (Rosie)
[YTPMV] RoboSpong3 (Rosie)
by cake
3:59 - 3,603 views

I got this from a Nico Nico Douga upload and this was the best quality I was able to get, sadly. Sorry about that.

Original channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/123benjl123
Youtube Thumbnail RosenCop III
RosenCop III
by Prolyfic
3:59 - 5,334 views

Finally, after 5 months, I've done it ! Not alone. You can thanks these guys :

Kem [give some great help on audio & visuals] : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBdCaezoJipdjufwKz-l2ZA
Blizzy Mez [lots of usefull feedbacks] : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnS2IQMd9F7ItAXYA7X9irQ
Delly II [inspiration and motivation] : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-wK-yP1CpPbF1FOLZeRX4A

And thank you for watching me doing these stuff since November 2015. You guys are awesome again !

BGM : Robocop 3 - Jeroen Tel [Remix by Alien]
203% noBGM'

1k views ! Holy goldy. Thank you all !
Youtube Thumbnail LandoCop
by Popsicles Reloaded
4: - 2,405 views

hey what's up guys, FLOORPOPSICLES here, back with another youtube video
im back - no bgm

huge thank you to viravax/gcon1350/creepahweegie for everything. he has been a massive help to me through this project and has been a great friend to me. he was a huge inspiration for me getting back into ytpmv and without him i dont think i would have had the motivation to continue this project, so thank you!

source: my friend Ebrahim (Landonaero)
song: Robocop 3 - Jeroen Tel (more popularly known as Robocop III)

other than a few visual glitches here and there, im extremely proud of this video. it took me awhile to make and i didnt skimp out on visuals. still trying to get better at visuals so be gentle please :(
Youtube Thumbnail RoboZone 3
RoboZone 3
by dead ead ad d de dea
4:8 - 3,739 views

Well, well, well. Somebody hasn't made a Zone-Tan in over 4 years.
"Alternative title: Marcellcop 3" -Pandemonius
These might be my best visuals and audio yet. Visuals can get kinda glitchy though and a bit lazy at the end.

Hope you like!! :] And, as always, I'm Watching Your Hamburg.

Source is ZTV News from Zone Toons
BGM is Robocop 3 by Jeroen Tel (module by Alien)
No video
by Nobody

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