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I Cant count how Many BFDI Audititions are there
by Gabriel The Epic Gaming Champion

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions but it's Images
BFDI Auditions but it's Images
by DomScott123 // DS123 Productions
1:01 - 1,586,517 views

This is my version of BFDI Auditions.
Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xmh7M7TXDRE

Audio belongs to jacknjellify.
Enjoy the video.
Youtube Thumbnail title
- views

Youtube Thumbnail BFDI auditions but i edited it
BFDI auditions but i edited it
by ZGUExtras!
1:06 - 637,862 views

credit to everyone
credit to jacknjellify for the flash file.

dont overuse this as a sparta remix source. you can still use it
credit to everyone for every asset and image and stuff.
credit to jacob sparker for the laptop
and i guess mialex
Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions, but edited by Meatballmars #1 (check desc.)
BFDI Auditions, but edited by Meatballmars #1 (check desc.)
by Meatballmars2002
1:23 - 1,135,899 views

Please, consider subscribing to my channel immediately.

My first BFDI auditions edit of 2018.

8-Ball as 6-Ball
Balloony as That Blue Balloon (& it's Mine)
Barf Bag as The Google Error Robot
Basketball as Jigo Mapper
Bell as Metal Bell
Bomby as The Bomb from Inanimate Insanity
Dictionary/Book as BFB Book
Clock as Acorn
Cloudy as Firey Cloudy with BFB Look
David as The Moon from The Legend of Zelda
Dora as The Posh Drawing of Enzo Du Kirby
Eggy as Blueberry
Evil Leafy as Yang Enzo Du Kirby
Fanny as Ali Fakry
Fries as Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Grassy as Ghost Bow from Inanimate Insanity II
Marker as Thermos
Naily as Spiky Mervert
Nickle as Bitcoin
Nonexisty as Bagel & Becky (Sorry for No Audio for The Scene)
Pie as Poptart
Pillow as Guava
Remote as The Apple Juice Box
Robo-flower as Sop Sign
Roboty as Deep Blue
Ruby as Diamond
Saw as Shelly
Taco a Bebble
Tree as The Toilet from Inanimate Insanity II
TV as a Computer (Windows XP)
Announcer as The White Windows XP Orb
The Tiny Loser Chamber as a House
The Sun as The Windows Vista Orb
Day Time is Still Night-Time

Assets belong to everyone since I was an asset thief back then.

Note: Like and subscribe.

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions, but with realistic assets (Outdated | Disowned)
BFDI Auditions, but with realistic assets (Outdated | Disowned)
by Meatballmars2002
1:22 - 2,463,180 views

Remained unlisted. Please, watch the 2021 re-edit now. https://youtu.be/U9D8IbeBuVk

Note (7/30/2021): I decided to mark on these kinds of past videos because of controversial, pushy, and copyright reasons. Otherwise, I have to rebrand my channel.
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