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"Peppermint Park" - Ernie: "The Letter M Song" (Worst Puppet Ever)
by cringevision
2:49 - 260,856 views

A hideous, creepy segment from an obscure kids show called "Peppermint Park," featuring a frightening puppet named "Ernie" singing about the letter M, swiped from an obscure kids series "Peppermint Park"... The show was never posted or mentioned ANYWHERE online until I originally uploaded this stuff on the original Cringevision, Cringevisions & Cringevideo channels (in 2006, 2007, and then 2010 before Youtube suspended the accounts, causing me to lose a zillion comments and subs and I had to start all over again, thankfully this one has lasted!) so I'm happy/ashamed to have unleashed this nightmare fuel to the masses...

"Peppermint Park" was a series of VHS tapes meant for kids, featuring terrible puppets, awful songs, boring arts & crafts, garbage story readings, and other bizarre oddities.. The intent was to create a "Sesame Street" knock off for the children's video market, and after 5 or 6 volumes, the concept failed, and was destined to wind up in "Movie Trading Company" bargain bins everywhere.. There are many other bits from "Peppermint Park" on my channel, but this is my favorite, and a classic.. Never fails to make drunken guests laugh their asses off.. Enjoy!

(And please forgive the mono sound on this & some of the older videos, Youtube fucked up ALOT of vids when they went fullblown HD stereo without giving us the option to fix them! I'd re-upload this in stereo, but would hate to lose all of the views & hilarious comments!)
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Youtube Thumbnail CREEPYPASTA: Pingu's Punishment
CREEPYPASTA: Pingu's Punishment
by DaveTheUseless
8:5 - 5,458 views

Unsure who the author is. A transcript: http://cjaymarch.wikia.com/wiki/Pingu%27s_Punishment

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/davetheuseless
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Youtube Thumbnail Warioware Gold is Spoopy
Warioware Gold is Spoopy
by Dat Green Waddle Dee
3:37 - 186,803 views

Here are a few clips of Vinny from Vinesauce playing sneaky gamer in warioware gold. Very spoopy.
Youtube Thumbnail Elmo Live DESTRUCTION
by Jaxen Ross is b-a-c-k!
11:43 - 773,759 views

Youtube Thumbnail SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet Shark!
SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet Shark!
by superbowserlogan
10:6 - 9,874,562 views

Jeffy catches a shark and keeps it as a pet!

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Youtube Thumbnail Sonic The Hedgehog | All of
Sonic The Hedgehog | All of "Sonic Says"
by The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog
31:42 - 881,864 views

Sonic Says” was originally the ending segment from the cartoon, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog by DiC, and broadcast in syndication in 1993. These segments taught viewers important lessons.
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