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(For oh hi mark) Small Annoying Goose 157
by Lego my eggo

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Youtube Thumbnail Annoying Goose
Annoying Goose
by Videffects HD
1: - 7,661 views

Youtube Thumbnail gamebop's first 16 videos play at once
gamebop's first 16 videos play at once
by Gardevord
4:45 - 3,017 views

this was inspired by gamebop
if is everything like a kukori or pingu you can make a play at once/everything fad video
Youtube Thumbnail [YTP TENNIS REUPLOAD] PurpleColorz12124 vs. SuperKeegan9100 (2017)
[YTP TENNIS REUPLOAD] PurpleColorz12124 vs. SuperKeegan9100 (2017)
by Mamon Fighter 2nd Channel
7:45 - 106 views

All rounds are created in 2017 and is compiled by SuperKeegan9100. The original creator considered this match old and terrible.

Reuploaded by Mamon Star Projects (c) 2019 Mamon Star Projects - A member of the Powerhouse of Entertainment / Total Wonder Organization (POE/TWO) Company.
Youtube Thumbnail Wendy's Grilled Chicken Salads | Television Commercial | 2007
Wendy's Grilled Chicken Salads | Television Commercial | 2007
by Analog Indulgence
0:31 - 27,392 views

Wendy's Grilled Chicken Salads | Television Commercial | 2007

Wendy's is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The company moved its headquarters to Dublin, Ohio, on January 29, 2006. As of 2016, Wendy's was the world's third largest hamburger fast food chain with 6,537 locations,[1] following Burger King's 15,738 locations and McDonald's' 36,615 locations.[3][4][5] On April 24, 2008, the company announced a merger with Triarc Companies Inc., a publicly traded company and the parent company of Arby's. Despite the new ownership, Wendy's headquarters remained in Dublin.[6] Previously, Wendy's had rejected more than two buyout offers from Triarc. Following the merger, Triarc became known as Wendy's/Arby's Group, and later as The Wendy's Company.
As of January 2, 2017, there were a total of 6,537 locations, including 330 that are company-owned. 6,207 restaurants are franchised, and 77% of them are located in North America. Wendy's and its affiliates employ more than 47,000 people in its global operations. In fiscal year 2006, the firm had $2.469 billion (USD) in total sales.[7] While Wendy's sets standards for exterior store appearance, food quality, and menu, individual owners have control over hours of operations, interior decor, pricing and staff uniforms and wages.
Wendy's menu consists primarily of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries and beverages, including the signature Frosty, which is a soft serve frozen dairy dessert. Since phasing out their famous "Big Classic", the company does not have a signature sandwich, such as the Burger King Whopper or the McDonald's Big Mac - although, by default, the "signature sandwich" spot seems to have been filled by Dave's 1/4 lb. Single (introduced in 2011 as Dave's Hot 'N Juicy as a reworking of the longstanding Wendy's Single, shortened to simply Dave's in 2016), a square-pattied burger made with fresh ground beef rather than round frozen patties. Wendy's uses these square hamburger patties – which hang over the edge of a circular bun – as its signature item.
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