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Rainy TIME DONUT something bad

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Youtube Thumbnail J Dilla - Time: The Donut of the Heart - Donuts (Full Album)
J Dilla - Time: The Donut of the Heart - Donuts (Full Album)
by Stones Throw
1:39 - 528,697 views

Donuts (Full Album) http://goo.gl/aMVAOn
1. Donuts (Outro) http://youtu.be/5nO7IA1DeeI
2. Workinonit http://youtu.be/5nO7IA1DeeI
3. Waves http://youtu.be/vykkfDITkQs
4. Light It http://youtu.be/C3zqYM3Rkpg
5. The New http://youtu.be/0piaF7P3404
6. Stop http://youtu.be/Ek_cufWYvjE
7. People http://youtu.be/zNJJBD_I5EU
8. The Diff'rence http://youtu.be/v2zTVZFlCZ0
9. Mash http://youtu.be/ZLa6sX9N3Jw
10. Time: Donut of the Heart http://youtu.be/c6qOBFkvdG0
11. Glazed http://youtu.be/eYhHyUU-CYU
12. Airworks http://youtu.be/HWz-yEZ6wNY
13. Lightworks http://youtu.be/Bul7m3jN25Q
14. Stepson of the Clapper http://youtu.be/Epab732wJWU
15. The Twister http://youtu.be/6K7u4WJRXgY
16. One Eleven http://youtu.be/TEPCiR3lidM
17. Two Can Win http://youtu.be/jMu47CsLm0M
18. Don't Cry http://youtu.be/NHn-G_YpQB0
19. Anti-American Graffiti http://youtu.be/_dBAk05eb2k
20. Geek Down http://youtu.be/70SwRaTFgHM
21. Thunder http://youtu.be/pZoOyP013Hc
22. Gobstopper http://youtu.be/atPXB02SLaw
23. One for Ghost http://youtu.be/1QWY7CBNrgM
24. Dilla Says Go http://youtu.be/RrCECnzWCDM
25. Walkinonit http://youtu.be/odUauxvoNwQ
26. The Factory http://youtu.be/TVdIkN6qT6g
27. U-Love http://youtu.be/zwTyR6_kLjY
28. Hi. http://youtu.be/uJj3UJkyiKg
29. Bye. http://youtu.be/2-hKtCCgIMw
30. Last Donut of the Night http://youtu.be/fC3Cthm0HFU
31. Welcome to the Show http://youtu.be/4tAsNON4SN0
Youtube Thumbnail 10 Hours Rainfall -  Ambient Sounds - 10 horas de lluvia - 10 Stunden Niederschlag Rainstorm sleep
10 Hours Rainfall - Ambient Sounds - 10 horas de lluvia - 10 Stunden Niederschlag Rainstorm sleep
by austinstrunk
0:2 - 1,538,558 views

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All audio material on this channel has been recorded and produced by its owner unless otherwise stated. I typically use a Sony HVR-Z1U with a combination of Shure KSM109 and homebuilt microphones for recording. The recordings are then edited and mixed using Adobe Audacity. Audio from older videos were recorded using said mics but recorded either onto tape, or directly into a laptop using a Pyramid PR-4800 with phantom XLR to ¼” adapters. Images are either taken with a Kodak z981 or a Samsung ST72 and edited and altered within GIMP. Any images that were not taken by myself were used by permission from Pexels.com, altered in GIMP to add any effect such as lightning, rain and titles. Any video shot was done with the HVR-Z1U or a GoPro 4.
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