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MtF Hypnosis Biokenitic Subliminal Extreme
by kirblitz

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Youtube Thumbnail FORCED FEMINIZATION (Subliminal affirmations + spell & powerful frequencies)
FORCED FEMINIZATION (Subliminal affirmations + spell & powerful frequencies)
by nadjyax
9:59 - 211,244 views

Update : loop it 6 times or more (the longer the better),listen daily,you wont waste your time knowing that this recording is efficient and works deeply to change you mentally and physically.

This audio is made to feminize your body and mind gradually (currently under test).You can partcipate to the test by listening as longer as you can.You'll notice the first prominent effects in the first 30 mn (3 times),but the "curse" is theoretically exponential,and the effects are more & more visible in time .

you can use this recording after,alternetly or before but not at the same time with other subliminal transformation (Tiffany Upshaw,Nadinne Bruna or Anastasiya Kvitko).

Reported effects (first day of use , looped 10 times ,2 persons) :
- overall feeling of femininity (tenderness,susceptibility, sweetness, more compassion,..) .
- tingling and trembling in the border of the upper lip.
- soft pain and toning in the lower back and waist.
- trembling of skin and muscles in : chin,cheeks,and left side of the belly ... "burning" sensation in the eyebrows,warming in the eyes.
- trembling & warming of thighs muscles and skin.
- toning in nostrils and forehead skin.
- tingling in nipples,hard needling in genital region especially the penis,sensation of "movements" in the pelvis (no pain).
I gave them as audio file entitled "Money magnet frequencies - subliminals",to avoid the placebo effects.
But still not as efficient as expected.
Youtube Thumbnail Tiny waist,wide hips,huge butt & thick thighs - subliminal + frequencies
Tiny waist,wide hips,huge butt & thick thighs - subliminal + frequencies
by nadjyax
20:06 - 131,220 views

- listen twice a day for one week or 10 days.
- Drink lot of water while listening.
- Share your sensations and any results.
- If you get some sensations and results from the first week , continue listening to see how efficient this recording is.
- feel free to download the audio file.
Youtube Thumbnail FORCED FEMINIZATION - Part 2(Subliminal affirmations,spell & frequencies)
FORCED FEMINIZATION - Part 2(Subliminal affirmations,spell & frequencies)
by nadjyax
20:05 - 308,330 views

Headphone : required (binaural beats).

After many tests (some are harmful, others too painful ...) I decided to keep this version , wich is the safest one.
while Part 1 (Forced Feminization) is a gender break through/manhood reduction/femininity enhancer,This one is actually a detailed AGGRESSION against any masculine body traits.

You may experience after the 3rd day,strange feelings of gender identity disorder,if you're still enough masculine also if your desire of "gender reassignment" is due to an extra sexual arousal.You 'll feel strange in your body anyway,as the recording is made to alter the reality.
This means your body will resist first,then start accepting that the abnormal thing in it is the "male",it's like an immune mechanism.

YOUR CONSCIOUS DECISION to change your sex wont help when your body faces the new reality,it's used to be MALE and will defend it,so

Instructions :

- Listen daily,2 or times at least (the longer the better),but make sure to relax after listening before you go to sleep (may causes a disturbing stress).
- If you're new to this video,listen first to Part 01,for 4 or 5 days , then listen alternetly both recording.
- You dont have to watch,so you can download the audio if you want.
- there is binaural beats in this recordings,it's less efficient through speakers,but you can play it through speakers while sleeping.
- Do not ecspect good feeling for the first 2 weeks,it's actually an aggression against manhood.
- your may release androgens to resist,so I recommend to listen the Part 01 or the Transgender Transformation Spell video.

Warning :
- I do not know what are the side effects (as the versions I tested before this one were painful & sometimes harmful).
- In general , subliminal feminization simulate in fact the subconscious attraction of men to women wich causes a good feeling,this recording is a distorsion of your reality.
- If you feel too nervous or stressed,use my prayer to the goddess video or any other way to relax,after using this video.
- Do not listen if you have depression or any mental problems.
- The subliminal contains Magic.

Share your experience & sensations/feeling (from the third day),to discuss the effectiveness and any pain or harm when using this recording.
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