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even more BFDI auditions
by jaden

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Youtube Thumbnail more  bfdi auditions
more bfdi auditions
by O.F.C
1:46 - 15,934 views

Youtube Thumbnail title
- views

Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions, but with realistic assets (Outdated | Disowned)
BFDI Auditions, but with realistic assets (Outdated | Disowned)
by Meatballmars2002
1:22 - 2,463,180 views

Remained unlisted. Please, watch the 2021 re-edit now. https://youtu.be/U9D8IbeBuVk

Note (7/30/2021): I decided to mark on these kinds of past videos because of controversial, pushy, and copyright reasons. Otherwise, I have to rebrand my channel.
Youtube Thumbnail BFDI RC Auditions Effects Round 1 vs Everyone (1/20)
BFDI RC Auditions Effects Round 1 vs Everyone (1/20)
by GreyCatLogoEditor539 / GCLE539
1:04 - 428,072 views

Credit to anyone who owns their content in this video
Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions, but edited by Meatballmars #4 (check desc.)
BFDI Auditions, but edited by Meatballmars #4 (check desc.)
by Meatballmars2002
1:37 - 1,120,226 views

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Bad news: I can't upload this video 'cause of some reasonless rejection on my PC. Instead, I uploaded it on Drive and download it to my tablet. and then I uploaded it onto YouTube.

8-Ball as 10-Ball
Balloony as Sunflower
Barf Bag as Sand timer
Basketball as Volley Ball
Bell as Timer
Bomby as Time Bomb
Dictionary/Book as Ledger
Clock as Baldi's Basics' Alarm Clock
Cloudy Became Orange Like in BFB 6
David as Arts & Crafters
Dora as Bully
Eggy as Eggplant
Evil Leafy as Pentagon
Fanny as Gilbert de Guzman
Fries as Chicken Bucket
Grassy as Basil
Marker as Crayon
Naily as Tack
Nickel as Lime
Nonexisty as Money Bag
Pie as Blood Drop
Pillow as Cherry Pepsi
Remote as FRIENDLY+
Robot Flower as Robot Cake
Roboty as Robot Pencil
Ruby as Gem
Saw as Grapes
Taco as Herbie
Tree as Tugay BENDY
Announcer as That TV Thingy
The Sky & Ground is Red Dull
The TLC is green with No Label
The Sunrise as The N-Cube

Assets belong to everyone since I was an asset thief back then.

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Youtube Thumbnail My BFDI Auditions Edited thingy
My BFDI Auditions Edited thingy
by Loskythecopydog77
1:11 - 679,871 views

credit to jacknjellfy cause this is his flash file. i just basely edit it with random other characters.
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Thank You so much for watching this shitpost video
Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions In Ives
BFDI Auditions In Ives
by [WFJB]
1:00 - 199,049 views

the power of editing, lol
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