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(FIXED AGAIN) BFDI Auditions Quadparison #5
by EmmaPinskerExtras

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Youtube Thumbnail [OLD] BFDI Auditions, but it was randomly edited and disowned #6 (Read Disc.)
[OLD] BFDI Auditions, but it was randomly edited and disowned #6 (Read Disc.)
by Tobical Studios
1:12 - 1,483,145 views

Note #1 (1/15/2021): No more these BFDI Auditions edits forever!
Note #2 (7/30/2021): I decided to mark on these kinds of past videos because of controversial, pushy, and copyright reasons. Otherwise, I have to rebrand my channel.

Note #3: Here are the posts I created on why you should never trust Unikitty videffects hd!
Post #1: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFWJLr3doxzvz74nlRx7jg/community?lb=UgykCZkvPRZLVd6ED654AaABCQ
Post #2: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFWJLr3doxzvz74nlRx7jg/community?lb=UgyCbEDEns6SASuoxPJ4AaABCQ

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I haven't been doing this for a long time.

8-Ball as Luna-Ball
Balloony as Red Balloony
Barf Bag as Hotdog
Basketball as Chestnut
Bell is Hanging Sound
Bomby as Rosette
Dictionary/Book as Minion Game
Clock as Stopwatch
Cloudy as Blue Cloudy
David as Orange David
Dora as Stephanie
Eggy as Rice Cracker
Evil Leafy as Angery Guy
Fanny as Green Fanny
Fries as Peanuts
Grassy as Bamboo
Marker as Pizza
Naily as Dango
Nickel as Folder
Nonexisty as (too lazy)
Pie as Apple Pie
Pillow as Rice Ball
Remote as Flashlight
Robot Flower as (too lazy)
Roboty as (too lazy)
Ruby as Heart
Saw as Oden
Taco as Wastebin
Tree as Autumn
TV as an old TV
Ending as (too lazy)

Assets belong to everyone since I was an asset thief back then.
Credit to jacknjellify and the original source is BFDI 17-14.fla.

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions Complete Tween Glitch
BFDI Auditions Complete Tween Glitch
by Megan Woodmansee
1:21 - 107,370 views

Edit from 2018: Thanks for making this my most viewed video in a single week!

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