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1.Thumbnail of sparta Endurance Quadparisonsparta Endurance Quadparison
by Teh57thSpartan
Group of 4 videos
50 points (in 234 days)
2.Thumbnail of Red Alert 2 Mashup Command and Conquer UkraineRed Alert 2 Mashup Command and Conquer Ukraine
by berthanz
Group of 3 videos
44 points (in 142 days)
3.Thumbnail of Sparta Remix Quadparison 3Sparta Remix Quadparison 3
by MaaxiiSTyLe
Group of 4 videos
39 points (in 187 days)
4.Thumbnail of The Great Chimpening of 2013The Great Chimpening of 2013
Group of 4 videos
582 points (in 371 days)
5.Thumbnail of [New Base] Mashup Base - Sparta Disturbia Remix[New Base] Mashup Base - Sparta Disturbia Remix
by Camilo Delgado Figueroa
Group of 4 videos
44 points (in 125 days)
6.Thumbnail of DayZ #087 Sarazar/MafuyuX/slaymassive (Benni/Tommy)DayZ #087 Sarazar/MafuyuX/slaymassive (Benni/Tommy)
Group of 4 videos
10 points (in 20 days)
7.Thumbnail of Spongebob vs Kipper vs Klasky Cupco vs Pickled Fish Lips Sparta SuperparisonSpongebob vs Kipper vs Klasky Cupco vs Pickled Fish Lips Sparta Superparison
by 09noahjohn
Group of 4 videos
18 points (in 10 days)
8.Thumbnail of Christina Grimmie and Shawn Mendes Demons & Summer Time SadnessChristina Grimmie and Shawn Mendes Demons & Summer Time Sadness
Group of 2 videos
507 points (in 20 days)
Group of 4 videos
223 points (in 371 days)
10.Thumbnail of stupid stuff that is retardedstupid stuff that is retarded
Group of 8 videos
16 points (in 21 days)
11.Thumbnail of Let's Create Instead - Sparta Remixes Side-by-Side 237Let's Create Instead - Sparta Remixes Side-by-Side 237
by NotaBee
Group of 4 videos
11 points (in 26 days)
12.Thumbnail of Chad Smith vs Will FerrellChad Smith vs Will Ferrell
Group of 2 videos
363 points (in 161 days)
13.Thumbnail of Anal Aztec . Aztec .
by firz
Group of 2 videos
22 points (in 57 days)
14.Thumbnail of Let´s Play DayZ #063 Sarazar/Dennis/Bennie/TommyLet´s Play DayZ #063 Sarazar/Dennis/Bennie/Tommy
by Mephisto
Group of 4 videos
23 points (in 75 days)
15.Thumbnail of Annoying Goose 59 Ducky RourAnnoying Goose 59 Ducky Rour
Group of 8 videos
85 points (in 230 days)
16.Thumbnail of Everyting Has a Sparta Remix PingasEveryting Has a Sparta Remix Pingas
by Gerczujlaszlo2
Group of 8 videos
50 points (in 162 days)
17.Thumbnail of teeeeniiiiiiiiiiiis bbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllteeeeniiiiiiiiiiiis bbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Group of 8 videos
21 points (in 72 days)
18.Thumbnail of sparta remix superparison 7sparta remix superparison 7
by dallas
Group of 4 videos
83 points (in 363 days)
19.Thumbnail of Gladiators Soundtrack Mashup (Remix)Gladiators Soundtrack Mashup (Remix)
by Dread
Group of 2 videos
9 points (in 30 days)
20.Thumbnail of Korean Drake Dancing Baby HeadlinesKorean Drake Dancing Baby Headlines
Group of 2 videos
19 points (in 54 days)
21.Thumbnail of sparta madhouse quadparsion (my very own version enjoy!)sparta madhouse quadparsion (my very own version enjoy!)
by Heyit'sAidenfromCp
Group of 4 videos
55 points (in 302 days)
22.Thumbnail of Ludo Narrative DissonanceLudo Narrative Dissonance
Group of 3 videos
24 points (in 3 days)
23.Thumbnail of Wander Over Yonder Sparta Triparison RemixWander Over Yonder Sparta Triparison Remix
by TehNewSouthGreenlandicSpartan
Group of 3 videos
6 points (in 3 days)
24.Thumbnail of Sparta Astrotail MixSparta Astrotail Mix
by Teh200thSpartan
Group of 2 videos
4 points (in 3 days)
25.Thumbnail of Sparta Remixes Side by Side 27Sparta Remixes Side by Side 27
Group of 4 videos
49 points (in 233 days)