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Full Best Animation Logos Draws Part 1
by daniel

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Youtube Thumbnail How to Draw the Coca Cola Logo Freehand
How to Draw the Coca Cola Logo Freehand
by Simple Easy Art
6:27 - 39,840 views

How to Draw the Coca Cola Logo

What you'll need to draw the Coca Cola Logo:
Red Fine Tip Marker

Good luck on the Coca Cola Coke Logo!

music : Carefree, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
by Drawing Tube
2:22 - 13,406 views

How to draw MASTERCARD Logo. Find your ideas here

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Copyright Disclaimer :

Image or Logo in this video is the property of the company that owns the logo or the image, we just display it for the purposes of sketches only.

How to draw MASTERCARD logo.

#mastercard #mastercardlogo #logo
Youtube Thumbnail How to Draw the NISSAN Logo
How to Draw the NISSAN Logo
by Simple Easy Art
10:42 - 29,399 views

How to Draw the @Nissan USA @Nissan Brasil @NissanIndia Logo by @Simple Easy Art


Draw the NISSAN Logo step by step tutorial

Drawn with Tombow 1500 Series Colored Pencils
Youtube Thumbnail [Requested Video]How to Draw LG Logo in MS Paint from Scratch!
[Requested Video]How to Draw LG Logo in MS Paint from Scratch!
by IamJagvinderSingh
1:40 - 1,183,382 views

In this video we are going to make LG's Official flat design logo in MS Paint from scratch by just using mouse. It is quiet easy, we just have to manupulate some shapes like circle & rectangle and it will be good to go.

About the logo:
The LG logo is an innovative example of a corporate brand. It features the letters “L” and “G” in the form of a human face.

The LG logo consists of the letters “L” and “G” in a circle, which represents world, future, youth, humanity and technology.

The logo intends to symbolize the relentless efforts of the company to make their customers happy. The circle typifies the globe, while the stylized symbol of the smiling face underlines friendliness and accessibility. The “one eye” is meant to be goal-oriented, focused and positive. Deliberately left blank and asymmetric, the upper-right hand space in the logo illustrates the company’s creative thinking, innovation and adaptability.

The red is the main color in the LG logo. It depicts friendliness and leaves a lasting impression of the company’s commitment to the best. On the other hand, the gray color visualizes technology and reliability.

The LG logo features the Helvetica Black typeface but we are using KyrillaSansSerif-Black, since it is free and most closest free font. LG represent Life's Good moto.

First create a big red circle, then a white circle in it. Now draw another red circle within the white circle to create an white outline.

Now make an eye with white circle and draw the nose with the help of rectangle tools. Use "KyrillaSansSerif-Black" font and write LG to complete your logo.

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As always thanks for watching.

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Youtube Thumbnail How to draw acer logo
How to draw acer logo
by colorful days
1:51 - 106,559 views

TOP 10 green logos: https://youtu.be/7nRf7Dv6m_w
Youtube Thumbnail How to draw the verizon logo (logo drawing)
How to draw the verizon logo (logo drawing)
by Hasibur The Mastermind
5:39 - 8,148 views

How to draw the verizon logo to using watercolors.
Youtube Thumbnail How to draw a Panasonic logo
How to draw a Panasonic logo
by colorful days
1:58 - 100,412 views

TOP 10 blue logos: https://youtu.be/MJFGFGD7L4E
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