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thats way to many BFDI auditions
by jaden

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions
BFDI Auditions
by InvaderZimFan TheOnionThrower
1:00 - 726,554 views

Reuploaded for Enzo Du Kirby because his previous account got terminated, now he has a third channel with the same name of his second account
Youtube Thumbnail [BAD, DO NOT WATCH] BFDI Auditions But It Was Edited By Minion Game
[BAD, DO NOT WATCH] BFDI Auditions But It Was Edited By Minion Game
by Minion Game
1:09 - 447,863 views

aaah I don’t watch this vdieo anymore, Why is everybody [including these logokids] still watch this big whole entire video instead of watching my newer videos? BFDI Auditions is getting overrated and this version of this is a full of cringe.

Previous description: Finally This Video Is Getting Popular With SO MANY VEIWS AND LIKES :D
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Youtube Thumbnail title
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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions, but edited by Meatballmars #5 (check desc.)
BFDI Auditions, but edited by Meatballmars #5 (check desc.)
by Meatballmars2002
1:22 - 1,628,019 views

Please, consider subscribing to my channel immediately. Also, what does it have to do with Steven Universe in this video anyway?

Yep, another one.

Note: ignore some errors in this.

8-Ball as Film Clapper
Balloony as °Д°
Barf Bag as Glass of Milk
Basketball as Rugby Ball
Bell is Now Rusty & Old
Bomby as Crystal Ball
Dictionary/Book as Bookmark
Clock as Level Slider
Cloudy as No Entry Sign to Name Badge
David as Henry Stickman
Dora as The Tape Player from Baldi's Basics
Eggy as a Door Getting NoSquee'd
Evil Leafy as Ping
Fanny as Pager
Fries as Popcorn Pot
Grassy as Candy
Marker as Cucumber
Naily as Meat on a Bone
Nickel as Peach
Nonexisty as The Picture from Baldi's Basics
Pie as Biohazardy/Biohazard Guy
Pillow as Honey Pot
Remote as Wii-mote
Robot Flower as Laptop
Roboty as Jack-O-Lantern
Ruby as Garnet
Saw as Poultry Leg
Taco as Shaved Ice
Tree as Burrito
TV as Desktop
Announcer But Halloween Themed
The Sky, Ground & TLC is Halloween Themed too

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Youtube Thumbnail too many bfdi auditions
too many bfdi auditions
by O.F.C
1:44 - 11,809 views

Youtube Thumbnail 39 BFDI Auditions
39 BFDI Auditions
by DiscoverGuy1999
1:00 - 219,112 views

Youtube Thumbnail title
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