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16 BFDI Auditions (remake)
by Paul Hanna

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Recommended character auditions but i edited it
BFDI Recommended character auditions but i edited it
by _profile
1:25 - 97,821 views


made by meeeee

Youtube Thumbnail BFDI Auditions, but edited by Meatballmars #3 (check desc.)
BFDI Auditions, but edited by Meatballmars #3 (check desc.)
by Meatballmars2002
1:23 - 869,851 views

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Yet, another BFDI auditions edit.

8-Ball as 5-Ball
Balloony as Devianator
Barf Bag as Orange
Basketball as Grapefruit
Bell as Nutcracker (So Boring)
Bomby as Manipure
Dictionary/Book as Sony/MAGIX Vegas Box
Clock as Hara Klapof
Cloudy as Mushroom Cloud (Too Lazy to Animate That)
David as Baldi
Dora as Playtime
Eggy as Eggman
Evil Leafy as Evil Balloon (Inanimate Insanity)
Fanny as Eraser Screams a Lot
Fries as Cookie
Grassy as ChrisTheYTPVideoMaker (ChrisTheLeafyLover)
Marker as Hot Dog Frank
Naily as Bacon
Nickel as a Shiny Quarter
Nonexisty as That Mailbox Comic
Pie as BSODA (Blue Screen of Death Soda)
Pillow as Sally/SMG (User's Character Designed by Enzo Du Kirby)
Remote as The BSoda Machine
Robot Flower as Kiro Ramy
Roboty as 1st Price/Prize
Ruby as Emerald
Saw as Safety Scissors
Taco as Marcos Klapof/MKF
Tree as Gotta Sweep
TV as You Can Think Pad™
Announcer as The Noise Phone
The Background is Baldi's School House
The TLC as The Locker

Assets belong to everyone since I was an asset thief back then.

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Youtube Thumbnail My BFDI Auditions Edited thingy
My BFDI Auditions Edited thingy
by Loskythecopydog77
1:11 - 679,871 views

credit to jacknjellfy cause this is his flash file. i just basely edit it with random other characters.
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Thank You so much for watching this shitpost video
Youtube Thumbnail Talking tom auditions
Talking tom auditions
by John kassis alt
1:07 - 67,158 views

Youtube Thumbnail title
- views

Youtube Thumbnail Edited BFDI Auditions
Edited BFDI Auditions
by Artemiy Berezhnoy
1:13 - 751,882 views

Here is YET ANOTHER BFDI modification that nobody asked for!

(also happy may 10th)
Youtube Thumbnail Bfdi auditions, but I edited it using a phone
Bfdi auditions, but I edited it using a phone
by EvanFireHD
1:07 - 649,929 views

This is horrible. This is so bad. This is cringe. This is my content. Oh and thank you for 700 subs, and comment your favorite edited character.
Youtube Thumbnail 9 BFDI Auditions
9 BFDI Auditions
by MrPenwell ඩ
1:37 - 956,732 views

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